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The 586th Flight Test Squadron (586th FLTS) plans, analyzes, coordinates and conducts flight tests of advanced weapons and avionics systems primarily on the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR).

It provides deployable operational support for test aircraft staging out of Holloman AFB. The squadron flight tests guidance systems, laser systems, air-to-air/air-to-ground systems, long-range and standoff weapons, live warheads, and provides target and photo/safety chase. It operates three highly modified AT-38B and one C-12J aircraft equipped to support a wide variety of flight test operations.

The 586th FLTS has access to both full-scale and sub-scale unmanned aerial targets, one of the world's most elaborate ground impact ranges, and US Army helicopter test assets.

586th FLTS Test Support Features

Flexible: Designed from the ground up as a test and test support unit, the 586th can provide all the services needed for your test program. The aircraft, test expertise, support facilities, etc are all in place. The 586th can do the spectrum; execute the test, provide the support in the form of photo/safety chase or simply provide the location for you to base.

Deployable: The test team and aircraft are all easily to deployable to your test location.

Excellence: A center of expertise for over-land air-to-air missile testing (AMRAAM, AIM-9X, etc), the 586th is set up to conduct or support your test. The 586th FLTS has access to both full and sub-scale unmanned targets as well as towed targets. All targets are configurable to meet customer needs.

Access: Located next to the WSMR, the 586th FLTS provides access to a unique set of ground targets; moving or stationary as well austere or built up location type targets. Test priority airspace is approximately two minutes flying time from the field.

Joint: Located next to the Army Air Division, the 586th FLTS can coordinate for slow speed and helicopter support to include test, test support, and transport on the WSMR.

AT-38B Overview

The 586th FLTS operates three AT-38B aircraft assigned to the 46th Test Group at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. These aircraft are modified for test, test support, target, and photo/safety chase. Capabilities of the squadron's AT-38B's include: chaff, flares, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation and precision data recording and telemetry, electronic counter- measures (ECM), towed target, threat and cruise missile simulation, Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) pods, and multiple format photographic coverage (including helmet-mounted video cameras. They are equipped with an internal Fighter Instrumentation and Navigation System (FINS) which relies on inertial navigation and global positioning inputs to develop a reference for time-space-position information. Each aircraft has a 200-ft AGL capability utilizing radar altimeters and moving map displays. For specialized tests, customer provided test equipment may be rack mounted and installed in place of the rear ejection seat or externally in a pod.

Externally, the aircraft has a modified centerline pylon to enable carriage of many types of test and operational stores such as the ALQ-167 Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) pod, which is programmable with a wide variety of electronic jamming techniques as well as an ALE-40 chaff and flare pod. External stores can be provided with AC and DC power. Another test capability under development is a Low Observable Instrumented Tow Target system that will support many different types of tests. Flight cleared pods are available for carriage of additional customer defined stores.

The AT-38B is a deployable test asset for off-station customer requirements as well as for flight test sorties at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR).

AT-38B Performance Capabilities
  • Max Speed 1.1 Mach
  • Operational altitudes: 200ft AGL - 40,000 feet
  • Highly maneuverable: 5g's w/pod 7.2g's w/o pod
  • On board data and video recording or downlink TM and video
  • Deployable low cost, reliable test bed
  • Carriage of customer provided payloads available (internal/external)

C-12J Overview

The C-12J is a modified Beech 1900C approved for all weather operations. It is a low cost, versatile testbed aircraft used for evaluating navigation and guidance components and systems as well as providing slow speed photo and safety chase. On board Time Space Position Instrumentation (TSPI) provides a reference for systems under test. Four hundred amps (total) of electrical power are available for onboard test equipment. The dedicated test electrical system is capable of providing AC and DC power with seamless power transfer characteristics between ground and aircraft power sources. The aircraft is capable of carrying up to four fully powered, independent test racks with an operator for each rack.

Each test rack is configurable with customer equipment. This feature is excellent for side by side comparison testing. The aircraft is equipped with a larger rear cargo door for loading and unloading test equipment.

Antenna modifications include 2 Controlled Radiated Pattern Antennas (CRPA), 3 Fixed Radiated Pattern Antennas (FRPA), a C-Band Beacon antenna, and a dedicated UHF antenna for a test crew communication radio. Additionally, customer specific antenna configurations are possible. Lastly, the aircraft is modified with an air data interface for various test equipment requirements for pitot-static and total air temperature inputs.

The C-12J is a deployable test asset for off-station customer requirements as well as for flight test sorties at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR).

C-12J Performance Capabilities

  • Max Speed 247 KIAS/0.47 Mach
  • Min Speed 105 KIAS
  • Max Ceiling 25,000 feet
  • Max Payload 3700 pounds
  • On board data and video recording or downlink TM and video
  • Deployable low cost, reliable test bed
  • Carriage of customer provided payloads available (internal/external)


Loiter Time
(25,000 ft)
(25,000 ft)
3500 3.2 hr 770 nm
3000 4.1 hr 980 nm
2000 5.7 hr 1370 nm


Contact Info:
Telephone - Commercial: (575) 572-1222 or DSN: 572-1222
Electronic mail - General Information: 586flts.info@holloman.af.mil

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