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Welcome to the My Military Communities information page. MyMC2 is the mobile application that centralizes all of your installation's community events, organizations and services right in your pocket. Members of the Holloman AFB community can now download frequently requested info about installation activities and events to Apple or Android mobile devices, using the MyMC2 app. MyMC2 provides easy access to information and event listings for a variety of installation service providers, by consolidating information already being posted to existing Facebook accounts.

Please use this page as a guideline on how to use the app, and if you have more questions or need support please visit www.facebook.com/mymc2support.

tabMyMC2 Home 
MyMC2 Home Tab
The home screen will display the next 4-6 events happening at your installation. Events will no longer appear on the home page 30 minutes after their start time. These events can be clicked to display more information such as location, point of contact and description. At the bottom of the page you will find two "quickcall" buttons that will be customized by your installation. These will be set to important services offered at your installation.

Your current installation is displayed at the left side at the top of the home page. If you click this button you will be taken to the installation's public website. At the top right side of the home page is the search box. Here you will enter in your search keyword(s) to search upcoming events. You will hit the "done" or bottom right button on your keyboard to initiate the search when you are done typing. Your search results will be displayed in a popup for your browsing.
tabMyMC2 Directory Tab 
MyMC2 Directory Tab
By clicking the "Directory" tab you will see a list of all the organizations for your installation. The MyMC2 managers for your installation will control what organizations are available for your installation. The phone icon will appear if the organization has listed a phone number, allowing you to call this organization. The Facebook icon will appear at each organization and will take you to their Facebook page.

Clicking on an organization will open a popup with more information. The organization's description will be listed as well as its categories. There may be up to three icons at the bottom of the organization popup: a phone, Facebook icon, and website icon. These icons are only listed if the organization has input the corresponding information.
tabMyMC2 Calendar of Events Tab 
MyMC2 Calendar of Events Tab
On the calendar, you are able to browse the events at your installation by picking a date. You can access this calendar by clicking the "Calendar" tab. To change the date drag the day bar left or right. As you drag the days by the middle of the screen the events for that day will display.

Each event, when clicked, will display a popup with more information. The event popup will include the host organization, location, start date/time, end date/time, and description. There may be up to four clickable icons at the bottom of this popup: a phone, Facebook icon, calendar, and map. The phone will allow you to call the point of contact for the event. The Facebook icon will take you to the Facebook event. The calendar icon will add this event to your phone's calendar. The map will open your map or GPS application to display the location and allow you to get directions. These icons will only display on events that have the correlating information added to them.
tabMyMC2 Change Installation 
MyMC2 Change Installation
To change your location click the "Change Installation" option from the settings tab. This will bring up an alphabetized list of active installations in MyMC2. Select your desired location and click "Confirm". The application will repopulate with the selected installations events and information. The last selected installation is used each time the application is opened. You must use the "Change Installation" option to change your location.

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tabDownload MyMC2 Today
The following links will take you to the download page in the App Store and Android Market.

iPhone App Store

Android Market
tabMyMC2 QR Codes
iPhone QR Code
myMC2 iPhone QR Code

Andriod QR Code
myMC2 Andriod QR Code
Scan one of the above QR codes, and you will be taken directly to the download page in your mobile device.
tabMyMC2 Settings Tab
MyMC2 Settings Tab
The "Settings" tab, at the bottom of the page, will display your options including Change Installation, Filter, Clear Filters, Resync, and Statistics.

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