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MPF COVID-19 Resources

The Holloman MPF is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


However, in alignment with COVID-19 directives, the Holloman Military Personnel Flight is limiting the footprint in the MPF to help "flatten the curve." While there are a variety of online resources available, many customers will still require face-to-face services and the MPF team is prepared to provide those as the current evolving situation permits. 

To renew/issue a new Dependent ID, only the presence of the member is required with the sponsor or valid 1172—if the family is not in need of services, please have them wait out in the vehicle. 

Please utilize the online sign-in to keep your place in line if our waiting area reaches capacity: https://www.queuekiosk.com/webaccess/?QID=86&QTKN=49FSSMPF

NOTE: If the waiting area is at capacity, provide your cell number at the kiosk upon arrival, and wait out in your vehicle (DO NOT congregate in the lobby/entrance area).  A technician will send you a text notification when they are ready to attend you.

The MPF phone line is (575) 572-2276. It is open to receive customer calls and handle all issues via telephone or digitally.

If a customer needs to turn in documentation, hardcopy documents ARE NOT necessary—please email required documentation to one of the following org boxes:


Separations/Retirements: 49FSS_Separations_Retirements@us.af.mil

Reenlistments/Extensions: 49fss.reenlistments@us.af.mil

Assignments: 49FSS.FSMPD.49FSSRelocations@us.af.mil

Force Management: 49MSS.TransMgmnt@us.af.mil

Customer Support: 49FSS.CustomerSupport@us.af.mil

Promotions: 49FSS.PROMOTIONS@us.af.mil


All org boxes can receive encrypted email.  


NOTE: For members exempted/waived from the Stop Movement, we have provided technicians with video Skype capability to provide Final Out capabilities to prevent the need to physically visit the MPF.  Please schedule Skype appointments with your technician via the org box or via phone.

The use of the name or mark of any specific manufacturer, commercial product, commodity or service does not imply endorsement by the Air Force.