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Holloman Community Day Prohibited Items

Prohibited Items - The following items are NOT AUTHORIZED at Holloman AFB during the Community Day:

· Alcoholic or other beverages
· Bicycles
· Non-medical use canes, chains or sticks of any length
· Cans, glass or metal containers
· Coolers (unless containing medical supplies)
· Cutting/sharp/stabbing objects
· Diaper bags (unless accompanied by an infant)
· Fireworks or any explosives
· Helium balloons
· Illegal drugs
· Knives of any size
· Laser pointers
· Mace/pepper spray
· Pets (except service animals)
· Skateboards
· Strollers (unless accompanied by an infant)
· Weapons of any kind (even with a permit)
· Signs, banners, flags or any items that would obstruct the view of a patron

PLEASE NOTE: Any person or property entering Holloman AFB is subject to search and a credential check.

The following activities are not permitted at Holloman AFB without written permission from the 49th Wing commander:

· Solicitation for donations
· Selling or buying tickets
· Unapproved selling of merchandise or services
· Unapproved distribution of any item
· Unapproved entertaining