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Holloman Community Day frequently asked questions

Q - What time do the gates open?

A - The gates open to the public at 9:30 a.m., and the Community Day begins at 10:00 a.m.

Q - Is there a charge for admission or parking?

A - NO! Admission to the event and parking are free!

Q - Can you bring lawn chairs?

A - Due to space on the flightline, it would be best to avoid bringing large items like lawn chairs that may make it difficult for others to maneuver and enjoy the displays. Because there won't be any aerial demonstrations at this event, you won't really need chairs or blankets. Please keep in mind that EVERYTHING you bring is subject to search.

Q - Will there be a shuttle from the parking areas?

A - Yes. There will be shuttle service to and from the parking lots all day. Please see the shuttle map [hyperlink] for more information.

Q - Can I leave and re-enter the Community Day?

A - Yes, but you will have to be re-searched through security upon re-entry.

Q - Are coolers permitted?

A - No. Coolers are not permitted.

Q - Are cameras and video recorders allowed?

A - Yes, you may bring cameras and video recorders into the show. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING you bring is subject to search.

Q - Can I bring an umbrella?

A - Umbrellas are permitted. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING you bring is subject to search.

Q - What is a static display?

A - A static display is an aircraft that is on display on the flightline. None of our aircraft will be giving aerial demonstrations, but they will be available to view and take photos.

Q - Is there shade?

A - There are areas of shade available throughout the flightline. Take a walk through one of our larger static displays to get a break from the sun.

Q - Are pets allowed?

A - Sorry, there are no pets allowed except for service animals.

Q - How do I obtain information about becoming a sponsor?

A - Unfortunately, there will not be commercial sponsorship opportunities for this event. Please contact the Holloman Marketing office at 575-572-5597 for more information.

Q - How do I get a media pass for the show?

A - Contact the Public Affairs Office at 575-572-7381 as soon as possible.

Q - What happens if it rains?

A - Unless the weather poses serious threat to the safety of the visitors and participants, the event will proceed as scheduled with some modifications.

Q - Can I bring food?

A - Food can be brought into the show, however, it cannot be carried in a cooler, and all bags are subject to search.

A list of approved items includes:

Small purses or fanny packs

Cameras and/or camcorders with small camera bags

Diaper bags

Baby strollers

Small lawn chairs or camp chairs (No lounge chairs)

Wheelchairs, canes, service dogs to assist disabled individuals

Water in unopened clear plastic bottles only (all other liquids are prohibited)

Q - Will alcoholic beverages be allowed?

A - You may not bring alcoholic beverages to the Community Day. Although beer will be available for purchase, alcoholic beverages, their containers, glass bottles or other containers are not allowed on the flightline, as broken glass can cause severe safety hazards.

Q - Will bikes, skateboards, roller blades, skates, or kick or electric scooters be allowed on the flightline?

A - No. They are not allowed on the ramp or past our check points.

Q - Are there any restrictions on bringing weapons to this event?

A - Yes. Weapons, including, but not limited to, firearms, pocket knives, num chucks, brass knuckles, explosive devices, leatherman tools, scissors, replica/toy weapons, pepper spray, and large or heavy link chains, are NOT permitted and will be confiscated.

Q - What are the rules on drug use?

A - Illegal drugs (including marijuana) are prohibited. Holloman has zero tolerance for illegal drugs, and offenders are subject to prosecution.