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Off-limit areas for Holloman personnel

The 49th Fighter Wing commander, Col. Jeff Harrigian, had adopted and implemented the Fort Bliss off-limits list dated Dec. 18, 2009, which was signed by Army Maj. Gen. Howard Bromberg, the commanding general of the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery Center and Ft. Bliss, Texas.

According to the memorandum dated Feb. 17, 2010, servicemembers are ordered not to enter or patronize the following off-limits establishments or their locations, as punishable under Article 92 in the Uniform Code of Military Justice:

St. Cuthbert's Trading Post, 2200 North Yarborough, El Paso TX 79936

La Chandra, 4607 Dyer Street, El Paso TX 79904

Bungalow's (a.k.a. Capone's), 415 East San Antonio, El Paso TX 79924

D'Club, 12821 Montana Ave., El Paso TX 79938

Club 69/Myst, 522 San Francisco Ave., El Paso TX 79958

Bronco (a.k.a. Margarita's) Night Club, 8750 Gateway East Blvd., El Paso TX 79907

El Paso Methadone Maintenance & Detoxification Treatment Center, 5004 Alameda Ave., El Paso TX 79905

Alivane NO/AD Inc. Outpatient Clinic, 5106 S. Telshor Boulevard, Las Cruces NM 88011

Special Edition Bar, 3333 North Yarborough Dr., El Paso TX 79925

Cool Arrows, 2000 Lee Trevino Suite E., El Paso TX 79936

Cool Arrows, 1226 McRae Suite B, El Paso TX 79925

Cool Arrows, 800 North Zaragoza Rd. Suite S, El Paso TX 79907

Great Expectations, 12901 Montana Ave., El Paso TX 79938