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1st Lt. Jose Castro-Chincilla

Project Manager, 46th Test Group, Detachment 1 

What is your nationality?
I'm a U.S. Citizen, born in Honduras.

What type of traditional foods do you like to eat?
Platanos, bread baked in clay oven, homemade sugar cane sweets, carne azada, enchiladas, tamales and menudo.

Who were some of your role models growing up?
My uncle. He owned a ranch and lived in the mountains. I always admired how he was tough enough to tame any wild horse but kind enough to provide a loving environment for all of the children.

What are some of the traditions in your culture?
People from the villages my family come from don't have much education and a very small vocabulary so they use many analogies to communicate. They pass on the father's last name and the mother's last name as well. That's why I have two last names.

What was it like growing up as a Hispanic?
Growing up in Sacramento, Calif., I knew I was not born here, but felt so blessed I could call myself an American and always wanted to know more about our founding fathers, presidents and everything about our history. I fell in love with the example of service our heroes have left behind and always wanted to enlist. The coolest day of my career was landing overseas on the 4th of July. I truly felt so proud to be able to call myself an American.