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Defender Dispatch Feb 09

The following information is derived from the 49th Security Forces Squadron desk blotter. The intent is to highlight some of the more significant events our SF Defenders responded to in February 2009.

TICKETS ISSUED: As of 26 February 2009, 48 traffic citations were issued, 73 verbal warnings were given, and 6 driving suspension letters were issued. The most common citation issued was for speeding.


- Domestic Dispute (s)
- Patrols responded to military family housing to a domestic assault in progress. Patrolmen separated the couple upon arrival at the residence and transported them to the Security Forces Control Center (SFCC) for processing. They were both charged with Article #128 UCMJ/Assault and released to their respective First Sergeants.

- An anonymous individual telephoned the SFCC and related there was a physical altercation in progress at the dormitories. Patrols made contact with a female Airman and her civilian spouse upon arrival at the scene. Both parties were transported to the SFCC for processing. The military member was charged with Article #128, UCMJ/Assault. The civilian spouse was charged with Title 18 USC .113 (a)/Simple Assault.

- A military member telephoned the SFCC and related a domestic assault had taken place in military family housing. The military spouse related the altercation ensued when he discovered an unknown cell phone on the refrigerator in their home. As he began looking through the phone, his spouse grabbed him by the neck causing minor scratches. The two individuals involved have been charged with domestic violence.

- Damage to Government Property:
- An AF member reported tampering and damage to the network interface located at her workstation. She related the locks for the equipment were removed and the system was tampered with. Security Forces S2I was contacted and assumed control of the investigation.

- Missing Personal Property:
- A civilian reported her ring missing after she removed it to apply hand moisturizer.

- Child Abandonment/abuse:
- Patrols were dispatched to the Base Exchange to investigate a report of an unattended child left in a vehicle. Upon contact with the mother, she related she went inside the exchange to purchase the child a drink and did not expect to be long. She was issued a District Court Violation Notice for Abandonment/Abuse of a Child.

-Wants and Warrants:
- An Airman was detained at the Main Gate after his spouse contacted the SFCC to inform them her husband was implicated in an off-base domestic dispute case. The Airman was issued a verbal no contact order by his first sergeant pending further investigation.
- Civilian Detention
- A civilian was detained by the Alamogordo Department of Public Safety (ADPS) for failure to appear in court. He is being held on a $10,000 bond.

- Civil Arrest
- An ADPS Officer contacted the SFCC and related there was an active warrant for a Holloman Airman for failure to appear in court. Patrols responded to the Airman's residence detained and transported him to the Main Gate. ADPS transported the individual to the Otero County Detention Center for processing.

- Medical Response(s):
- Patrols, along with American Medical Response, were dispatched to the Holloman AFB Primary School due to the report of a 3 year old unresponsive and not breathing. Upon arrival, medical personnel administered treatment and transported the child to Gerald Champion Medical Center for further treatment.

- A civilian telephoned the SFCC and related a friend was text messaging with a coworker who related she was taking sleeping pills with alcohol. Patrols and medical personnel responded and administered treatment. The military member was transported to Mental Health for evaluation.

- Patrols and medical personnel responded to military family housing to the report of a child with a head injury. Upon arrival, medical personnel administered treatment. Further investigation revealed the child was struck with a toy airplane.

- Assistance rendered
- A civilian telephoned the SFCC and related he was possibly being stalked. The complainant said the accused individual followed him to the Fitness Center and took photos of his vehicle. Upon arrival, further police investigation revealed there was an ongoing conflict between these individuals and was being handled by their unit. No further police action taken.

· Calendar Year 2009 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Total: 01
· Last DUI: 27 Feb 09

NOTE - HAFB applies the New Mexico (NM) standard for intoxicated driving of .08 Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)/Breath Alcohol Content (BrAC), or greater. Drivers whose BAC/BrAC equal or exceed 0.08 face suspended base driving privileges, possible drivers license suspension, and possible punishment from civilian courts or under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

· Calendar Year 2009 Stray Canine Capture Total: 3

"BULLET" OF THE MONTH: Per HAFBI 31-204, Air Force Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision, ACCSUP Summary of Changes, in part states The use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle, (privately owned or government), is prohibited unless the vehicle is properly parked or the driver utilizes a hands-free unit. The wearing of portable headphones/earphones utilized for compact disc players, IPODs, or MP3 Players, while operating a motor vehicle or while bicycling, skateboarding, rollerblading or while on a scooter on the roadway of HAFB is prohibited. EXCEPTIONS: (1) The use of headphones/earphones utilized for compact disc players, IPODs, or MP3 Players while
jogging is only authorized on approved running surfaces. (2) Motorcycle helmet intercom systems between operator and passenger are permitted. Use of those devices masks or prevents recognition of emergency signals, alarms, announcements, the approach of vehicles, human speech and the ability to determine the direction from which the sound is coming. This does not negate wearing of hearing protection when conditions and good judgment dictate its use such as when driving in noise hazard areas.