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JFTR Weight Limit Chart

2. Authorized PCS Weight Allowances. Except as provided in pars. U5315 and U5330-A, authorized PCS weight allowances are:

PCS & NTS Weight Allowances (Pounds)
Grade *1&3 With Dependents *2 Without Dependents
  Officer Personnel  
O-10 to 0-6



O-5 / W-5 17,500 16,000
O-4 / W-4 17,000 14,000
O-3 / W-3 14,500 13,000
O-2 / W-2 13,500 12,500
O-1 / W-1/ Service Academy Grads. 12,000 10,000
  Enlisted Personnel  
E-9 15,000 *4 13,000 *4
E-8 14,000 12,000
E-7 13,000 11,000
E-6 11,000 8,000
E-5 9,000 7,000
E-4 8,000 7,000
E-3 to E-1 8,000 5,000
Aviation Cadets 8,000 7,000
Service Academy Cadets/Midshipmen   350

*1/ Includes a Uniformed Service regular and Reserve Component member, and an officer holding a temporary commission in the U.S. Army/Air Force.

*2/ For this table, a member "with dependents" is a member who has a dependent eligible to travel at Government expense incident to the member's PCS. Actual dependent travel has no bearing. Incident to a member's first PCS after:

a. The death(s) of all of the member's dependent(s), or

b. A divorce that leaves the member with no dependent(s) eligible to travel at Government expense, the member has the weight allowance of a member "with dependents".

*3/ A Uniformed Services member appointed from an:

a. Enlisted/warrant officer grade to a commissioned officer grade, or

b. Enlisted grade to a warrant officer grade or rating,

is authorized the grade's weight allowance:

a. Held on the member's PCS order effective date used for HHG transportation, or

b. From which an appointment was accepted, whichever is greater. Upon reversion, the member is authorized the weight allowance of the grade held:

a. On the member's PCS order effective date then being used for HHG transportation, or

b. Before reversion,

whichever is greater.

*4/ A member selected as Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Sergeant Major of the Army, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, or Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard is authorized a weight allowance of:

a. 17,000 pounds with dependents or,

b. 14,000 pounds without dependents.

for a PCS order issued on or after receiving notice of selection to that position and for the remainder of the military career.