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Satellite Medical Clinic set to relocate April 30

HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- The 49th Medical Group Satellite Clinic services will relocate from Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center to the base clinic May 1 in an effort to continue providing quality medical care to all patients. 

Colonel Matt Adkins, 49th Medical Group commander, said relocating the Satellite Clinic's services to Holloman is the logical choice as physician deployments, an Air Force shortage of family practice physicians, and extensive logistics involved with managing two sites have impacted the number of appointments the MDG has been able to offer. 

Colonel Adkins explained that the MDG can continue to offer the same number of medical appointments in spite of these manning shortages, but to do so require that they consolidate their resources in one location: Holloman's medical clinic. 

"My focus is on continuing to provide top medical care," said Colonel Adkins, "I can do that best by bringing our limited staff together under one roof." 

Lt. Col. Madeline Howell, 49th Medical Operations Squadron commander, said the relocation will affect only 1,000 of the MDG's 17,000 patients. These patients will soon begin receiving notification letters in the mail. 

"As some patients initially learned about the relocation, they were concerned. They enjoy the convenience of the Satellite Clinic because it saves them the 10-minute drive from town to Holloman's clinic," said Colonel Howell. 

She explained that once patients learn the reason for the relocation, most are fine with the move. Colonel Howell said, "We've gotten a lot of support and understanding, especially from of our retirees." 

For more information, visit the TRICARE Service Center located in the 49 MDG, or call Maj. Winston Massey at 572-7700.