Tis the eve of the holiday season

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Richard Wageman, 49th Wing Chief of Safety
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs

Tis the eve of the Holidays and all about you
The mishaps are lurking, will you know what to do?
If you're frying a fowl; that comes with some risks
You must do it outside wearing goggles and mitts

Pick a nice leveled place secure from kids and the pets
If the bird's at all frozen; that's as bad as it gets
Don't overfill the vat or let the oil get too hot
To do so might bring unwanted flames to the spot

Ascending to place Elf on a Shelf for a laugh?
Don't choose a wheeled chair with a spinning top half
When hanging the stockings by the fire with care
Perhaps, just in case, keep an extinguisher there

Winter is here but your boilers' not working
Get out the space heater; keep it away from the curtains
Keep it away from the tree that you cut from the forest
Turn it off when you go to your bed for your rest

You're planning a trip to see friends and family for fun
Is your sleigh ready; or held with Duck tape and gum?
Do you know how to get there are the roads filled with snow?
Maybe the North Pole in one night is too far to go

You plan to go skiing; maybe a snow machine drive
Do you have the Gear, Plan, and Skills to come home alive?
Perhaps, lucky you, for warmer climes you are bound
To review summer risk management is sound

It's the end of the year and a party you're throwing
Spiked eggnog and Gl├╝hwein are planned to be flowing
No DD's or taxis; don't show them the door
Keep them at your house they'll sleep on the floor

You bought some new fireworks for New Year's Eve night
Don't be the one who loses an eye; or all sight
Use them outside and wear safety glasses
Don't shoot them at people or you're a jerk

Things go wrong anytime, for many a reason
These things don't just go on in the Holiday season
You manage your risks day in and day out
Or you end up the one we tell stories about