2022 "Legacy of Liberty" Air Show and Open House

49th Wing leadership presents the plans for the 2022 "Legacy of Liberty" Air Show and Open House, scheduled for May 7-8, 2022. This page will be updated as performances, static displays and other events are confirmed.

Static Aircraft Displays

C-12 Huron
Civil Air Patrol GA-8 Airvan
Civil Air Patrol T206 Turbo StationAir
CV-22 Osprey
F-16 Viper
KC-46 Pegasus
MQ-9 Reaper
MC-130 Commando II
T-6 Texan II
T-38C Talon
UH-1N Huey


World War II Sept. 1, 1939-Sept. 2, 1945
(1939) C-45
(1939) BT-13
(1940) PT-17
(1940) PT-19 
(1940) AT-6
(1941) B-25
(1943) A-26

Cold War 1945-1991
(1949) T-33
(1949) LC-126/195 
(1957) T-37
(1957) U-3

Korean War June 25, 1950-July 27, 1953
(1943) B-26 (A-26)
(1947) L-17 
(1949) T-33

Southeast Asia War 1961-1973
(1943) B-26 (A-26)
(1950) L-19/O-1

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