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49th Wing Judge Advocate
490th First Street
Building 29, Room 1940

The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate handles matters involving military justice, claims, contracts, environmental, operations and labor law.

Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 0800 - 1530

Thursday: 0900 - 1530

Friday: 0800 - 1200

Complete your Power of Attorney and Will Worksheets ONLINE at:


Walk-in for Powers of Attorney and Notaries.

Legal Assistance and Wills by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment with the 49th Wing Judge Advocate, please click HERE.

 Check out the Holloman JAG Facebook page HERE


Words of Wisdom

The administrative process for an Active Duty member to add a dependent begins at MPF. The AD member will need to obtain a dependent application, then complete and return the application to MPF. Although the documents required vary depending on the type of dependent, MPF is still the go-to authority in this matter and therefore better equipped at advising the AD member based on his/her fact pattern. Keep in mind that the procedure of adding dependents is strictly AF rule driven, and that a "glitch" in the process could constitute a legal conflict between the AD and the Air Force. - REF. AFI 51-504


Current Legal Hawks mobile services:
◘ Powers of Attorney
◘ Quick consultations
◘ Wills scheduling

Additional Services Provided:
◘ Line of communication from squadron to JA
   (anonymous question drop box)
◘ Legal briefings suited to your squadron's needs
◘ Coordinated visits to your squadron

Available briefings:
◘ Fund raising
◘ Off-duty employment
◘ Article 138
◘ Vehicle purchasing laws
◘ Many more, just ask!

To schedule a visit please click HERE.

Special Victims' Counsel

What SVC's do for sexual assault victims:
◘ Advocates your voice and choice
◘ Provides CONFIDENTIAL legal advice
◘ Protects your rights and privacy interests
◘ Provides legal assistance
◘ Advises you on the investigation and prosecution process
◘ Represents you in interview, hearings and military trials

Who does the SVC work for? → YOU!
◘ SVC's DO NOT work for anyone on your base except you
◘ SVC's have an independent chain of command in Washington, D.C.

Contact your SVC, SARC, FAP or legal office to request an SVC.
◘ Restricted reports: Go to the SVC, SARC, FAP, Chaplain or Healthcare provider to ensure the report remains restricted

Capt. Ekaterina Korulina

2018 Tax Options

The base VITA Tax Center WILL NOT be open this year for 2017 Taxes.

Free options for active duty, dependents, and retirees:

VITA Tax Center off-base:

  • Alamogordo Civic Center (site set to open 1 Feb through 17 Apr) Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (scheduling info will be located on the VITA site locator tool)

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