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49th Wing

49th FW patch

49th FW patch

The 49th Wing -- host wing at Holloman Air Force Base -- supports national security objectives by deploying worldwide to support peacetime and wartime contingencies. The wing provides combat-ready Airmen, and trains F-16 Viper and MQ-9 Reaper pilots and sensor operators. Additionally, the wing delivers Air Transportable Clinics and Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resources while providing support to more than 17,000 military and civilian personnel to include German Air Force Flying Training center operations. The wing has a proud history of service in World War II, Korea, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and NATO-led Operation Allied Force.

Staff Agencies

The 49th Wing staff agencies are the Inspector General, Staff Judge Advocate, Public Affairs, Protocol, Command Post, Chapel, Wing Plans and Inspections, Safety, History and the 49th Comptroller Squadron.

Staff Judge Advocate

The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate handles matters involving military justice, claims, contracts, environmental, operations and labor law.

The Staff Judge Advocate offers legal assistance to all military personnel -- active duty and retired -- and their qualifying family members. Attorneys provide legal advice on questions or problems involving civil legal matters, including basic wills. Powers of attorney and free notary public services are also available. The legal office has information pamphlets concerning various legal topics, such as divorce, bankruptcy, debt, automobiles and buying a home.

The claims section handles problems arising from the shipment of household goods, hold baggage or automobiles.

Public Affairs

Public Affairs is the office of primary responsibility for conducting all media relations and community relations programs at Holloman. The office also serves as the focal point for all news and information about Holloman people and missions.

In addition to their roles as official spokespersons for the base, the PA staff also manages Holloman's public Web site; provide print, broadcast and photographic support for newsworthy and historical events in the local community; conducts base tours and orientations and other community relations events; serves as the single point of contact for all media visits and inquiries; advertises programs and activities throughout the base using the commander's cable TV channel, Channel 3; and serve as the liaison and content provider between the base and the Hollogram, a privately owned commercial publication.

Another medium through which the PA office provides information to the local community is through "Holloman Happenings," a weekly radio report of base events and a look ahead to the upcoming week.

"Holloman Happenings" air times:
KRSY Radio, 1230 AM - Fridays: 5:05 p.m., Saturdays: 6:50 and 11:45 a.m.
KRSY Radio, 92.7 FM - Saturdays: 10:30 a.m.
KNMZ Radio, 103.7 FM - Saturdays: 11:30 a.m.

To contact Public Affairs, call (575) 572-7383 or e-mail 49WG.PAOffice@us.af.mil.

Protocol Office

The Protocol Office is the primary point of contact for all Distinguished Visitors (colonels and higher) coming to Holloman.

The protocol staff plans and coordinates 49th Fighter Wing official DV visits, and provides guidance and information for host unit or group level DV visits. The office is also responsible for all DV billeting, regardless of travel status -- official, leave, or retired.

In addition, Protocol oversees the planning of all official functions, such as change of commands, retirements, promotions, award luncheons, and special events.

Protocol also acts as the base point of contact for processing all internal and Air Combat Command generated foreign visit requests.

To contact Protocol, call (575) 572-5573, or e-mail 49fw.protocol@holloman.af.mil.

Command Post

The Command Post is the 24-hour command and control nerve center for Holloman. It consists of three critically important functions.

First, the Command Post is the conduit through which the wing's senior leadership receives orders from higher headquarters. At the same time, the wing's leadership uses the Command Post to receive and disseminate critical information to reach the people and organizations that need to know.

Second, it is the central maintenance control center for the wing's flying operations. The Command Post coordinates and reports tracking, monitoring status, and expediting maintenance actions. It juggles all these functions simultaneously for as long as the wing's aircraft wheels are touching the tarmac.

Finally, the Command Post collects, summarizes, and formats the readiness status of each combat unit on Holloman. This function tells the National Command Authorities, and other national and military leaders, the capability of the 49th Fighter Wing to perform its mission. The Command Post can be contacted 24 hours a day at (575) 572-7575.


The chapel's comprehensive religious program provides Air Force personnel and their families religious expression and a full range of spiritual and moral growth. Worship services and religious education programs are provided for major faith groups. Our religious education offers growth and personnel development programs for everyone from pre-school to adult.

The chapel has various lay organizations which meet regularly. These include Catholic and Protestant women's groups, men's groups, singles groups, altar servers, acolytes, children's and adult choirs, and Bible studies.

Chaplains are also actively involved in the lives of base personnel through flightline visitation and counseling ministries.

Plans and Inspections

The wing plans office maintains, updates and evaluates all higher headquarters and locally developed plans which task 49th Fighter Wing units. Additionally, wing plans conducts locally directed exercises to measure the wing's capabilities, act as the wing focal point for Site Activation Task Forces, treaty compliance and Air National Guard advisory visits.

Military Equal Opportunity

The Military Equal Opportunity staff manages the wing commander's Equal Opportunity and Treatment (EOT) and Human Relations Educations (HRE) programs. Their goal is to ensure mission readiness by promoting an environment free from personal, social, and institutional barriers that constitute unlawful discrimination. Military Equal Opportunity achieves this goal by assisting commanders at all levels in conducting EOT and HRE programs.

Military Equal Opportunity also provides the following services:

**Military Equal Opportunity and Treatment Complaints: The military EOT complaint process is a means for military members and their family members to present allegations of unlawful discrimination based on race, sex (to include sexual harassment), color, national origin, and religion to the offending party, someone in a position of authority or both. The complaint process includes formal and informal resolution methods on issues occurring on or off base.
**Mediation: The Department of Defense and Air Force have placed emphasis on the use of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) to assist personnel in settling conflict. In 1996, the use of Mediation (a form of ADR) was incorporated into the Military Equal Opportunity Program as another means for military members to informally resolve equal opportunity complaints.
**Unit Climate Assessments (UCA): UCAs are management tools designed to help commanders assess their organization's human relations and equal opportunity climates. The assessment helps determine both positive and negative perceptions unit members have concerning unlawful discrimination, leadership, morale, recognition, and peer relationships. UCAs are conducted on behalf of the requesting commander with results going directly to him/her. The commander reviews and evaluates the results and determines what action, if any, is appropriate. UCA reports are the property of the requesting commander, protected to the maximum extent permitted under the Freedom of Information Act.
**Human Relations Education (HRE): HRE is provided to military members, family members, and civilian employees. Mandatory classes include: Newcomers Orientation (for all military and civilian personnel on their second or subsequent assignment), First Duty Station (for all military and civilian members at their first permanent duty assignment), and Key Personnel Brief (for commanders and first sergeants). In addition, MEO can design specialized training to meet the needs of a squadron, section or individual. HRE's goal is to promote a discrimination free environment by helping people understand their EOT responsibilities and to develop interpersonal skills needed to accomplish the Air Force mission.

For more information about Military Equal Opportunity programs and services, call (575) 572-3032.

History Office

The History Office collects, analyzes, and publishes objective Wing historical accounts. Additionally, the historian maintains the official organizational records, provides historical services to commanders, staffs, and assigned personnel, and answers historical queries.

49th Comptroller Squadron

The 49th Comptroller Squadron serves as financial advisors and management consultants to the wing commander, staff and assigned base units on all fiscal matters. The squadron is a liaison to the base bank and credit union and monitors reports of survey, reports of audit and the government travel charge card program.

During fiscal 1998, the squadron managed an operations and maintenance budget exceeding $102 million. They provide funds control and certification for annual disbursements in excess of $170.6 million for the wing and associate units.


54th Fighter Group: Manages and conducts all F-16 Viper training operations.
49th Operations Group: Manages and conducts all wing flying operations.
49th Maintenance Group: Manages and conducts the wing's logistics functions.
49th Mission Support Group: Provides support to all base operations, personnel, and family members.
49th Medical Group: Provides medical services for active duty and retired military members and their families.
49th Materiel Maintenance Group: Maintains and deploys all equipment needed to build a "bare base" airfield.