September Chief's Choice Award


Q1.) Where is your hometown?

A1.) Fayetteville, North Carolina  


Q2.) How long have you been in the Air Force?

A2.) I have been in the Air Force for approximately five years.  


Q3.) How long have you been at Holloman?

A3.) I have been at Holloman for about four years.  


Q4.) What squadron are you a part of, what is your job title and what are your duties?


Squadron: 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Job Title: I am an avionics technician for the MQ-9 Reaper.

Duties: Some common duties I have are facilitating and maintaining the battery room. I also perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.  


Q5.) What is your personal motto?

A5.) You gotta risk it for the biscuit.  


Q6.) Name two of your long-term goals?


a) Finish my Bachelor's degree in Computer Programming.                 

b) Obtain a pilot's license through the aero club.  


Q7.) What are your off-duty interests and hobbies?

A7.) I enjoy going snowboarding and playing video games, as well as working out and playing sports.  


Q8.) Who or what are your inspirations?

A8.) My mom is my biggest inspiration. She has been through a lot and that helps keep me motivated through tough times.  


Nominating reason for selection:  

Chief Master Sgt. Jonathan Veal, 49 AMXS/CEM  

    Perez has been instrumental to the specialist battery room program. He has worked to highlight the importance of the building to the wing, secured new infrastructure to ensure 24/7 operation is not limited by environmental factors and developed new standard operating procedures that reduced charging failures to nearly zero percent. Perez has also been invaluable to the 49th AMXS as the transition to Block 5 MQ-9 Reapers continues. During eight unpacks and builds, Perez determined the manufacturer had mistakenly identified the installed KIV-77 crypto as a KIV-118 crypto. This oversight required Perez to act quickly to ensure the Command Section program could support the new, previously non-utilized component. Perez worked with base COMSEC to add the new crypto to the specialist authorization letter guaranteeing the mission capability of the new aircraft. Furthermore, Perez led a team of Airmen in the posturing of hangar 300 as Holloman Air Force Base prepared to welcome the 8th Fighter Squadron. While preparing the office spaces, Perez identified an unaccounted for MQ-1 Vortex component. The component was returned to the supply system, recouping more than $100K.