School Year 2021-2022

School Year 21-22 Re-entry plans issued by Local Education Agencies (LEAs) must adhere to the New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED) Guidelines, Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control.

To view the NM  PED Back to School guidance, please visit

Alamogordo Public Schools is 100% face to face, however families have other options within and outside of APS.


Alamogordo Public Schools Virtual Academy Options

Request Form:

APS POC: Irma Montoya 575-812-6012


Other Education Options

  • Private School
  • Home School
  • Additional public and private virtual academies


If you are interested in exploring any of these other education options for your child, please contact Ms. LaurieAnn Goodier.

As expected, changes in the 21-22 school year brings forth questions. The FAQ below will address many of the questions families have, however, if you have an individual question or concern, please reach out to LaurieAnn Goodier, Holloman CYES-School Liaison, for support and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my child receives special education services through an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or has a 504 in place?

A: Parents of students on IEPs will be notified in writing concerning how services will be provided. An Individual Continuity Plan or Individual 504 Continuity Plan will be established. This will be determined on an individual basis. Please check with your child’s school if you have additional questions.

Q: Will students be required to complete state standardized testing?

A: It is expected that all students will be on campus in the spring to complete the NM State Assessments.  


Q: How will students be graded?  

A: Coursework will be graded by individual teachers. Students in K-1st will be graded using Standards Based Grading (1-4) and students 2nd-12th grades will receive grades on the A-F scale.

Q: Who do I notify if my student is absent from school and/or the CYP School Age Care?

A: Families should notify the school AND School Age Care if a child is enrolled in both school and SAC and is absent. The school and SAC work closely together, however, it is the responsibility of the parent to communicate student absences.

Q: What non-medical mental health resources are available for students?

A: Military students in need of non-medical mental health support services have the option of utilizing their school counselor, the School-Based Military Family Life Counselors (Holloman ES and Holloman MS students only) or Military OneSource. Please contact LaurieAnn Goodier, CYES-School Liaison, if you need assistance.

Q: How do I register my student for school?

A: Alamogordo Public Schools uses PowerSchool as their Student Information System. A step by step guide is linked below. This guide addresses action steps for both new and returning students.

Q: What do I do if my student will PCS during the school year?

A: First, contact LaurieAnn Goodier, LaurieAnn will assist you as well as providing a warm hand-off to your new duty station. Second, contact your child’s school to request an unofficial copy of student records, to include a final report card or student transcript.

Q: Is my student eligible for Advanced Enrollment?

A: Yes. The NM Public Education Department (NMPED) has issued guidance to local school districts that allows for advanced enrollment for military students. The guidance states, “Military families that wish to enroll their students in a school operated by a school district will complete the LEA’s registration application and attach a written statement of intention to relocate to the attendance zone of the school in which the family’s new residence or assigned military base is located. For military families wishing to enroll their student in a charter school, the registration application will be accompanied by a written statement of intention to relocate to New Mexico. Enrollment under this guidance should be permitted at any time during the school year, without need to be physically present in the state, and should be done while ensuring removal of barriers to students’ educational success as a result of the move.” For more information or the full guidance, please contact LaurieAnn Goodier,

Child Care

Need child care for the upcoming school year?

Sign up for an account at and select which type of care you need.

Important dates

6 August 2021: First day of 21-22 School Year for Alamogordo Public Schools

6 September: No School for APS

16 (pm) & 17 (am) September: APS Parent Teacher Conferences (Check with your child’s school for more information)

11 October: No School for APS Students

22-26 November: Fall Break for APS

20 Dec 2021-2 Jan 2022: Winter Break for APS

3 January 2022: APS Students and Teachers Return

17 January 2022: No School for APS

3 (pm) & 4 (am) February 2022: APS Parent Teacher Conferences (Check with your child’s school for more information)

21 February 2022: No School for APS

21-25 March 2022: Spring Break for APS

15 April 2022: No School for APS

27 May 2022: Last Day of School for APS



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