School Liaison Program Manager Role
The education and welfare of school-age children is a quality-of-life issue. Military families experience challenges with reciprocity and quality of education from location to location.  School-age children are as transient as their military parents and may encounter transition and academic challenges. 
The School Liaison is the central point of contact for commanders, military families, and local school systems on school-related matters. SLs network, educate, and work in partnership with local schools to address or enhance the military child's education. The SL assists commanders and Total Force families in meeting the challenging demands of the military lifestyle by developing and maintaining partnerships between parents, installation leadership, local schools, including home schools, private schools, charter schools, virtual schools, Department of Defense Education Activity and International Schools and the community. The hallmark to force retention is the expectation that families are safe and well supported. Strong families improve mission readiness. The School Liaison Program provides military children the opportunity to thrive academically, socially and emotionally, regardless of duty station, deployments or transition status. 
The School Liaison is committed to outreach, advocacy, and partnership initiatives that generate real-time solutions for military-connected students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 as they face global educational challenges and transitions.
To deliver unparalleled educational advocacy, outreach, and partnerships for military-connected students around the globe!
Student focused…Partnership Driven
Core Services:
School Transition
School Liaisons support transitional issues affecting military connected students and assist in facilitating solutions.
Deployment/Parental Absence Support
School Liaisons provide families and school personnel with resources focused on parental absence, to include the cycle of deployment and academic, social and emotional impact.
Installation, School and Community Communication
School Liaisons are installation subject matter expert to Commander/Command Staff/parents for all local Pre-K-12 education issues regarding military child education.
Home School Support
School Liaisons share information on homeschool issues, concerns, local policies, and regulations of state/local education agencies and connect home school families to their community.
Community Relations, Partnerships and Outreach
School Liaisons create a network of parents, community partners, and military/civilian personnel to support installation/community and school systems.
Academic Planning and Post-Secondary Preparations
School Liaisons leverage installation/school resources (e.g., Education and Training Flight) to provide graduating military students’ access to post-secondary information and opportunities.
Special Education Support
School Liaisons connect families with appropriate resources needed to navigate school systems.
School Year 2023-2024
Families stationed at Holloman AFB have the option of enrolling their children in public or private school or joining the robust community of home schooling families. Families also have access to several public virtual academies and an unlimited number of private virtual academies.
If you are interested in exploring any of these other education options for your child, please contact the Holloman AFB School Liaison.
Families assigned to Holloman AFB typically live on base or in one of the surrounding communities, Alamogordo, La Luz, High Rolls, Cloudcroft and Tularosa. Families also may choose to live in Las Cruces or El Paso. Residing in Las Cruces or El Paso DOES have an impact on where your child will attend school.
Alamogordo Public Schools
Cloudcroft Municipal Schools
Tularosa Municipal Schools
Las Cruces Public Schools
The FAQ below will address many of the questions families have, however, if you have an individual question or concern, please reach out to the Holloman AFB School Liaison, for support and assistance.
10 August 2023:  First day of 22-23 School Year for Alamogordo Public Schools (Kinder, 6th and 9th grades)
11 August 2023 : First day of 22-23 School Year for Alamogordo Public Schools (1st-5th, 7th-8th and 10th-12th)
4 September 2023 No School for APS
28 & 29 September 2023: APS Parent Teacher Conferences (Check with your child’s school for more information)
9 October 2023: No School for APS Students
10 November 2023: No School for APS Students
20-24 November 2023: Fall Break for APS
20 Dec 2023-3 Jan 2024: Winter Break for APS4
3 January 2024: APS Students and Teachers Return
15 January 2024: No School for APS
8 & 9 February 2024: APS Parent Teacher Conferences (Check with your child’s school for more information)
19 February 2024: No School for APS
25-29 March 2024: Spring Break for APS
26 April 2024: No School for APS (Snow Day)
23 May 2024: Last Day of School for APS (Kinder, 6th and 9th grades)
24 May 2024: Last Day of School for APS (1st-5th, 7th-8th and 10th-12th)