MHS Genesis Transition FAQs

What are the benefits of changing to MHS Genesis?

  • Monitors a beneficiary’s health status through greater population health data, tracking, and alerting capabilities
  • Improves the ability to monitor patient safety, outcomes, and operational and medical readiness
  • Improves data access and sharing of health information across the spectrum of military operations, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and civilian healthcare organizations
  • Increases accessibility of integrated, evidence-based healthcare delivery and decision-making

How will this change my care?

During the transition, 49 MDG will limit care to active duty and essential care only. Throughout this period, the 49 MDG staff will be training on the new systems of MHS Genesis to ensure as soon as the system starts the care will return to normal.

When will 49 MDG start limiting care?

Training for the transition to MHS Genesis will start in April and continue through May, 2022.

How will I receive medical care if the 49 MDG services are limited?

For twenty-four seven care, call the Nurse Advice Line at 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273) or visit for web chat and video chat.

MiCare is also still available for beneficiaries to request appointments, renew subscriptions, receive test and lab results, communicate online with healthcare professionals about non-urgent symptoms, request a copy of their immunization records, and access a large digital library of patient education materials.

We plan to maximize use of our clinical teams, you may be asked to see a provider other than your PCM in order to achieve care sooner.

Do I need to do anything during this change?

Your patience is greatly appreciated as all the staff receive full and proper training for the new system.

For more information on MHS Genesis, please follow the links below:

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