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                                                         THE HOLLOMAN INSPECTOR GENERAL OFFICE

                                                        FRAUD, WASTE & ABUSE HOTLINE: 575-430-5000

IG Mission: To support the 49th Wing and Tenant units by Assisting, Educating, Motivating, and Independently Evaluating unit mission efficiency, in order to create a more disciplined and combat ready force.

IGQ Mission: To be the "eyes and ears" of the commander by establishing procedures to manage the Air Force Inspector General Complaints and Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA) Program.

IGI Mission: Build a culture of compliance and continual improvement by providing commanders with a thorough and unbiased assessment of unit operations.

IGX Mission: Exercise the 49th Wing's response capability by enabling leadership to identify & prepare for Wing readiness plans.

R & A Mission: Provide timely and accurate validation and verification of all collected inspection/exercise observations to ensure continuous process improvement.

Wing MICT Mission: Ensure the viability of AFIS through observation, feedback, and support to Self-Assessment Program Managers.

When presented with an issue, IGQ will do one of five things:

Investigate - IG investigations are administrative in nature--they are fact finding rather than a judicial proceeding.

Refer - When the complaint is a valid issue, but not an IG issue. The agency, or your leadership, that the complaint is referred to must inform the IG what they did to address your issue. 

Assist - IG assistance is the simple process of making phone calls, asking questions, or soliciting helpful information from appropriate offices or agencies or putting complainants in touch with people, offices, or agencies who can address their concerns.

Dismiss - If a Complaint Analysis discloses no recognizable wrong or violation of law, regulation, or policy.

Transfer - A complaint is transferred when a complaint analysis determines an Air Force Inspector General other than the one receiving the complaint should resolve it. 


Lt Col Justin Muller Rick Proctor MSgt Crystal Lucas
Inspector General IGQ Director
Complaints Resolution
IG Superintendent
572-3519 572-2123 572-8127


Director of Exercises 572-8121
WIT Manager & Wing SAPM, 572-3519
Director of Inspections, 572-8130
MICT Administrator, 572-8122