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December 2017 Chief's Choice Award


The Holloman’s chiefs group has a monthly recognition program titled Chief’s Choice Award. Every month a chief has the honor of choosing a deserving airman for an outstanding act or for continuous outstanding performance. 

For the month of December, the chiefs are proud to present the Chief’s Choice Award to:

TSgt Brian Tucker


Q. 1        What squadron are you a part of, what is your job title and what are your duties?

A. 1        49 OG, attached to the 29ATKS for flying NCOIC, MQ-9 Mission Control Element Branch I standardize three FTU squadrons through objective evaluations, flight publications, FCIF, and SII management, and PEX administration

Q. 2        How long have you been in the Air Force?

A. 2        11 Years, 4 months

Q. 3        How long have you been at Holloman?

A. 3        2 years, 1 month

Q.4         Where is your hometown?

A. 4        Scott City, Kansas

Q. 5        What is your personal motto?

A. 5        "Love your life, or change it."

Q. 6        Name two of your long-term goals?

A. 6        Complete my Bachelors of Science in Information Technology, achieve Master Sgt. rank

Q. 7        What are your off-duty interests and hobbies?

A. 7        Collecting and shooting firearms, snowboarding, working with computers

Q. 8        Who or what are your inspirations?

A. 8        Johnny Wimbrey, Sashin Govender, Byron Schrag

Nominating Chief’s Full name, duty title, organization and reason for selection:

Chief Master Sgt. Christin Kizer, RPA FTU CEM, 49 OG

TSgt Tucker filled the Group Standardization and Evaluation Superintendent position for 6 months providing mentorship and leadership to 136 instructor and evaluator sensor operators across 5 squadrons.  Additionally he is the lead MQ-9 Mission Control Element evaluator ensuring only the FTU has the most highly qualified and experienced instructor cadre. Furthermore, he is the HAFB Middle Two Vice President.