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AFAF campaign in full swing

HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- The Air Force Assistance Fund is in full swing at Holloman through May 4. 

The AFAF is a yearly campaign in which the Air Force raises money for charity organizations, said 2nd Lt. Jorge Aliaga, 49th Operations Group commander's executive. Holloman's goal this year is $49,566. 

The AFAF supports four charity organizations, said Tech. Sgt. Elain Nieves, 49 OG and head of this year's campaign. The organizations are: Air Force Aid Society, Air Force Enlisted Village Indigent Widows' Fund, Air Force Village Indigent Widows' Fund, and The General and Mrs. Curtis LeMay Foundation. 

The Air Force Aid Society is the charity organization used the most often by Air Force members because it applies to all active-duty Airmen for education and emergency purposes, said Lieutenant Aliaga. Qualifying members are given interest-free loans or grants during personal and family emergencies such as food, essential car repairs and airfare to return home after a family death. 

"Last year Holloman raised $41,000 for the Air Force Aid Society which gave back $171,000 to Holloman Airmen in need," said the lieutenant. 

The Village Fund organizations support widows of retired Air Force members who have insufficient funds for housing and healthcare because they have outlived their financial resources. 

The Village Fund also provides temporary housing and services to the families of active-duty Airmen killed in action. 

The LeMay Foundation helps widows of retired Airmen with monthly supplemental grants to assist with food, rent, healthcare and also with one-time expenses such as dental work, glasses and medical equipment. 

Everyone on base can make donations by cash or check, said Sergeant Nieves. Military members on base may make donations by payroll deductions also. 

So far, Holloman has already raised more than $13,000, said Sergeant Nieves. 

"Donating will give you the self-satisfaction of knowing you are helping someone less fortunate than yourself."