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Holloman recieves goal day for outstanding UCI performance

HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- Congratulations Fightin' 49ers! Friday, we received our "grade" from the Air Combat Command Inspector General Team and I want to share with you just how well we did during our Unit Compliance Inspection. First, some statistics: 

· 46 inspectors arrived to look at 266 programs across the wing.
· Of the 266 programs graded, 261 were found in compliance for an overall 98 percent. · Five programs were found not in compliance requiring follow-up work to fix.
· 12 superior teams were highlighted, 88 Superior Performers were named and two ACC Best Practices awarded (listed below). 

We are accustomed to receiving an overall grade of "excellent" or "outstanding" after inspections, however, a UCI isn't graded that way. Rather, we are graded on overall compliance as indicated above. To help put this in perspective, consider the following: a wing of this size is expected to average approximately 95 percent compliance. Add on a wing involved in a major transition and that accounts for an additional two to three percent expectation. So the expectation from the IG walking in was to find us around 92 percent in compliance. To achieve 98 percent compliance is a home run. I could not be more pleased with the effort that went into this inspection and the consistent reports of a great attitude across the wing from the IG inspectors. Well done 49ers!

It is also in our nature to quickly put an inspection behind us and get back to the daily fires burning our ankles. To help ensure we take the time to appropriately celebrate this achievement, we will be taking a wing goal day on April 6, conveniently aligned with spring break. Squadron commanders are directed to manage the goal day so the 49er team gets to take a day off to celebrate ─ you earned it!

As we have discussed during recent commander's calls, not everyone can take the same day off. We will always need some number of firefighters, security forces, dining facility workers, medical support, etc. to provide essential services for the wing. Therefore, if your day off is not April 6, rest assured I am committed to ensuring you get a day off at some other time. This will be managed by your squadron commander who will work to try and get you your day as close to the wing goal day as possible.

For our civilian heroes who are central to this big win, I am granting commanders liberal leave to manage your goal day within allowable civilian workforce rules. As you know, our options are not as fluid as for the active-duty members. Rest assured, however, your contributions to the 49er team are noticed every day and appreciated more than you know!

Once again, congratulations for a job well done and enjoy your well-deserved goal day. I'll close with our list of superior performers, teams and best practices. Make sure you pat them on the back when you see them!

Superior Teams

49th Fighter Wing

Aircrew Life Support Team

49 OSS
Intelligence Training Team

49 MSS
Airman and Family Readiness Center

Commander's Support Staff

49 MXS
Commander's Support Staff

49 CES
Engineering Team
EOD Demolition Operation Team
EOD Aircraft Response Team
Fire Department Confined Space Team
Fire Department HAWMAT Response Team
Utilities Team

Superior Individuals

49 FW

Maj. Sheri Jones
Capt. James Lisher
Senior Master Sgt. Christina Maxwell
Master Sgt. Curt. Koenig
Tech. Sgt. Mark Gray
Tech. Sgt. Keith Holycross
Staff Sgt. Dawn Griffin
Ms. Diane Adams
Mr. Emil Brupbacher
Mr. Ricky Proctor

49th Comptroller Squadron
Master Sgt. Karen Starr
Ms. Janice Huber
Ms. Donna Miller
Mr. Todd Sherman

49th Operations Group
Staff Sgt. Demuro Brown

8th Fighter Squadron
Capt. Kevin Hall
Capt. Thomas Nelson

49 OSS
Capt. Katherine Powell
2nd Lt. Philip Pesek
Tech. Sgt. Elain Nieves
Tech. Sgt. Keli Rand
Tech. Sgt. Byron Rauch
Tech. Sgt. Sascha Richardson
Staff Sgt. Benjamin Bryant
Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Robinson
Senior Airman Christa Knox
Airman 1st Class David Nye
Mr. Lawrence Hoppes
Mr. Bryan Sweebe

49th Contracting Squadron
1st Lt. Christian Balmaceda
Tech. Sgt. Donald Shevlin
Ms. Katherine McMillion

49th Security Forces Squadron
2nd Lt. Richard Deorhan
Master Sgt. Charles Gardin
Staff Sgt. Michael Williamson
Senior Airman Brandy Horchak-Jevsjukova
Senior Airman Jennifer Light
Senior Airman Jay Ray
Airman 1st Class Amanda Cook
Ms. Julia Ballard
Ms. Cynthia Cooper
Mr. Phillip Korbakes
Mr. James Warden

49th Service Squadron
Master Sgt. Reynaldo Bautista
Staff Sgt. Jean Magee
Staff Sgt. Joya Stotz
Senior Airman Elsie Mavron
Airman 1st Class Sherrie Ahlborn
Airman Amanda Morgan
Ms. Amanda Cochran
Mr. Billy Curry
Mr. Jacquelyn Flowers
Ms. Linda Holifield
Ms. Gloria Sanborn

49 CES
2nd Lt. Scott Howe
Master Sgt. Joel Jones
Master Sgt. Lee Smith
Tech. Sgt. Scott Baker
Tech. Sgt. Richard Czymbor
Tech. Sgt. Michael Munson
Staff Sgt. Mario Roque
Staff Sgt. Carl Wiegel
Ms. Terri Bood
Mr. Daniel Cass
Mr. Jory Irons

49th Logistics Readiness Squadron
2nd Lt. Kathryn Maitrejean
Tech. Sgt. Mark Shelton
Staff Sgt. Philana Walker

49th Communications Squadron
Master Sgt. Dawn Vetter
Tech. Sgt. Kenneth Lustig
Staff Sgt. Nathan Ullmann
Staff Sgt. James Zannetti
Staff Sgt. Brian Zebrowski
Airman Michael Means

49 MSS
Staff Sgt. Jason Franklin
Mr. Phillip Aldrich
Mr. Roberto Herrera

49th Materiel Maintenance Group
Master Sgt. John Gates
Master Sgt. Aaron Powell

49th Materiel Maintenance Squadron
1st Lt. Peter Joo
Tech. Sgt. Randall Coon
Tech. Sgt. Alejandro Gaggero
Tech. Sgt. Erik McDonald
Senior Airman Ryan Rhodes

49th Materiel Maintenance Support Squadron
Tech. Sgt. Felicia Hamilton

49 MXS
Staff Sgt. Britton Febrescordero
Senior Airman Brandy De Leeuw

Airman Jarad Hudgies

ACC Best Practice Awards
49 OSS Life Support
49 OSS Intelligence Mission Training