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Council of Tenants unites Team Holloman

HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M -- The first Council of Tenants meeting held here Wednesday provided a forum for the more than 30 tenant units on base to discuss how they can build better cohesiveness with the 49th Fighter Wing.

Representatives of seven tenant units attended the inaugural forum to learn more about 49 FW Commander, Brig. Gen. David Goldfein's, vision of uniting the groups with Holloman.

"We want to start a dialogue with our tenants to make sure they understand they're part of the team," said Col. David Moore, 49 FW vice commander. "We want to ensure connectivity on base with the tenants and the wing."

The Council of Tenants is hosted by 46th Test Group's deputy commander, Lt. Col. Alan Elledge. He relayed the council's relationship to the Holloman commander's vision for the wing.

He conveyed the wing's vision of "realistic joint combat training, transition through innovation and take care of each other," and further related the goal of "improving Team Holloman processes through partnering and Air Force Smart Operations in the 21st Century" as the driving factor for convening the council.

"If we all band together, we have a more powerful voice within the host unit," said Col. David Harris, 46 TG commander.

Colonel Elledge also said another advantage to banding together would allow the wing and tenant units to share resources in this time of drawdowns and cutbacks. If one unit needs a resource and another has that resource available, the council will be better able to facilitate the match, reducing expenditures and the time and resources used to seek out the needed item.

One concern addressed by the council was better communication between Holloman as the host unit and the tenants. Colonel Elledge was able to provide the tenants with the Holloman News Flash subscription information, which provides the wing updated news, photos and event information.

The group will meet quarterly to learn about tenant concerns and raise those to the wing's attention. The council also agreed to take the initiative of briefing the weekly wing staff meeting hosted by the wing commander. These briefings will highlight one tenant unit and it's mission until they have all been given the opportunity to do so.

"This isn't mandatory, but we'll only be successful if we get group inputs," said Colonel Elledge. "The more [the wing] has their eyes opened to us, the better hosts they can be."
Any tenant unit not represented at the first Council of Tenants meeting who wishes to be a part should contact Colonel Elledge at 572-1367 for more information. Anyone interested in receiving the weekly Holloman News Flash should send a blank email to join-holloman@mercury.afnews.af.mil. You can also find base information on the wing Web site at www.holloman.af.mil.