First Special Duties Job Fair held at Holloman

HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- A special duty job fair took place Jan. 25 and 26 at the Professional Development Center on base.

The job fair provided information about the different special duties and opportunities available in the Air Force, such as MTIs and MTLs said Master Sgt. Robin Pfeifle, 49th Mission Support Squadron career assistance advisor.

"The job fair is a way for Airmen and NCOs to be able to talk to prior MTIs, MTLs and such and hear what it's like," said Tech. Sgt. Troy Bizzack, First Term Airmen's Center NCO in charge.

A special duty is a duty within the Air Force that has spots temporarily filled because they don't need an Air Force Specialty Code, said Sergeant Pfeifle.

The eight briefings were on duties such as military training instructors and leaders, professional military education instructors, technical training instructors, recruiters and postal service, said Sergeant Pfeifle. There were also people with information about being an officer of special investigations and career enlisted aviator jobs.

All the subject matter experts were members of Team Holloman who have had first-hand experience in the special duty, said Sergeant Pfeifle.

The special duty Sergeant Pfeifle gets the most questions on is the CEA positions, such as load master and flight attendant, because they offer Airmen a chance to retrain half way through their first term rather than waiting for a career job reservation.

"The easiest way to get into a special duty is to go on the Air Force Personnel Center Web site and apply using the Equal Plus feature under assignment management," said Sergeant Pfeifle.

The AFPC Web site is

This is the first job fair of this kind at Holloman, but Sergeant Pfeifle would like to hold three per year, the next being in June or July.