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Dedicated Crew Chief: Airpower's most important role

HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- Thirty-three Airmen were recognized as Dedicated Crew Chiefs in a ceremony Friday.

"The DCC is responsible for all maintenance on the aircraft he is dedicated to," said Chief Master Sgt. Wendy Jones, 49th Maintenance Group. "DCC is a job description, not an Air Force specialty. It is reserved for those who display the initiative, management and leadership ability necessary to maintain an aircraft in combat ready status. A Dedicated Crew Chief's technical knowledge is above reproach and the resource most counted upon to ensure a fighter wing's combat readiness."

The purpose of the program is to provide continuity and accuracy by assigning ownership to each aicraft. The DCC's name is put onto the aircraft to show the dedication.

To be a DCC, an Airman must have a minimum of six months' experience, be a staff sergeant or higher or be a waivered senior Airman, said Chief Jones.

"Service as a DCC is a unique responsibility that must be met with pride, professionalism and enthusiasm by each and every individual who accepts the challenge and privilege of crewing the world's best Stealth fighter aircraft, the F-117 Nighthawk," said Chief Master Sgt. Mark Deprez, 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron.

"There is a DCC in most aircraft maintainers just waiting for the opportunity. After all, there's nothing like inspecting, fixing, servicing and then giving the aircrew that final salute while launching your aircraft for a sortie."

During the ceremony, Brig. Gen. David Goldfein, 49th Fighter Wing commander, told the story of his first aircraft and DCC, the relationship a pilot and DCC should have and the importance of a DCC to an aircraft and pilot.

"There is no more important role than Dedicated Crew Chief in air power," the general said. The pilot puts his trust in the DCC to have an aircraft that will bring him home safely.

The following are the new Dedicated Crew Chiefs:
8th Aircraft Maintenance Unit
Previous crew chiefs
Senior Airmen
Adam Callahan 787
Adam Arenas 790
Landon Clark 802
Garvin Laurent 804

9th Aircraft Maintenance Unit
Previous crew chiefs
Staff Sgt. William Sanchez 808
Senior Airmen
Jason Stanfield 788
Sean Moore 789
Anthony Hartfield 797

8th AMU
Current crew chiefs
Staff Sgts.
Scott Klawitter 787
Dennis Thomas 791
Kasey Lynch 798
Ernest Evans 800
Kevin Powell 803
Eberhard Riebe 804
Timothee Debaghy 818
Damian Horton 819
Brian Haun 829
Patrick McManaman 834
David Aguirre 842
Senior Airmen
Larry Roush 795
Micah Smith 816
Lance Kraftenberg 838
Ferdinand Frollani 840

9th AMU
Current crew chiefs
Staff Sgts.
Ricky Oliver 786
Josh Ziriak 797
Moses Taylor 807
Christopher Eckhardt 808
Guadalupe Garcia 813
Jeffery Shock 821
Jamie Lee 826
Joseph Metoyer 830
Dustin Goe 833
John Roach 836