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Holloman volunteer recognized for over 17,000 hours of service

HOLLOMAN AFB, N.M. -- Ms. Janis Wimmer received the Commander's Coin of Excellence and a Letter of Appreciation from Col. David Goldfein, 49th Fighter Wing commander, as recognition of her 20 years of volunteer service in support of Holloman. 

The recognition ceremony occurred Oct. 4 during the Wing Standup meeting where she also received a standing ovation. 

"To see Holloman's leadership show such respect for her brought a tear to my eye," said Mr. David Wimmer, Ms. Wimmer's husband of 37 years. 

According to Ms. Lenn Furrow, 49th Mission Support Squadron Airmen and Family Readiness Center flight chief, the idea to recognize Ms. Wimmer came from senior leadership. 

Her remarkable 20 years of volunteer service came to their attention and even though Janis had already won the prestigious Volunteer Excellence Award, she had never received a wing coin, so it was very special, said Ms. Furrow. "The standing ovation was even more proof that her service is appreciated and valued." 

During those 20 years, Ms. Wimmer amassed more than 17,000 hours of volunteer service for the AFRC. 

One of her volunteer duties over the years include AFRC files clerk and coordinator. 

According to Ms. Furrow, Ms. Wimmer kept impeccable records for the AFRC for more than 20 years. 

"Without keeping accurate records, many volunteers would go unrecognized for their service," said Ms. Furrow. 

Ms. Wimmer also donated time making layettes for lower ranking Airmen who have just experienced the birth of a new child. A layette is a gift-pack for newborn infants and usually contains a blanket or quilt, or other items such as bottles and rattles. 

Ms. Wimmer said she learned the importance of volunteer work at an early age from her parents, who devoted time to support a variety of volunteer functions. 

"My mother was a Girl Scout leader and ... also did volunteer work for the Veteran's of Foreign Wars. [My volunteerism] just began there," she said. Ms. Wimmer eventually became a Girl Scout Leader herself and served in that capacity for years. 

Ms. Wimmer's father played guitar and mandolin at the Alamogordo Senior Center. 

Ms. Wimmer was born in Argentina, where her father served as an Air Force radio operator. The family moved to Alamogordo when she was 9-years-old and Holloman has been home ever since, she said. 

"I grew up in an Air Force family whose motto was, 'we take care of our own,'" she said.
Ms. Wimmer currently serves Alamogordo as the Otero County Commission on Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse admissions director 

There appears to be no end in sight to Ms. Wimmer's drive to support her community or her volunteer spirit. 

"The satisfaction of helping others is the greatest reward you will ever receive," she said.
"She cares about people and always wants to contribute to bettering her community," Ms. Furrow said.