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Know the rules before driving on Holloman’s flightline

Flightline Speedlimits

Flightline Speedlimits

HOLLOMAN AFB, NM -- After an unusually large number of vehicle runway intrusion in the fall of 2004 and the spring of 2005, Airfield Management has significantly beefed up the 49th Fighter Wing's Flightline Driving Program. By completely overhauling the training process in 2006, safety incidents have been slashed on Holloman's extremely complex and active airfield. 

In order to be authorized to drive on Holloman's airfield, each individual must complete several training items. They include: reading the base flightline driving instruction, receiving a day and night flightline orientation, passing both an Air Force computer based training test and local written local test with at least an 80 percent and attending a local procedures briefing given by Airfield Management every Wednesday at 10 a.m. 

Each of the base's 25 Flightline Driving Program Managers have been retrained and are now armed with the most current training information to help our 1,600 drivers stay safe on the flightline. Capt. Jim Jackson from the Airfield Operations Flight said, "Our ultimate goal is to sustain an effective and safe training program." 

By being an ever vigilant presence on the airfield, Airfield Management Operations is ensuring compliance with the new training requirements and increase awareness. AM Ops conducts no less than half a dozen random vehicle stops of those driving on the flightline each day. 

When driving on the flightline drivers should insure they have a valid state driver's license, an AF Form 483, an AFVA 11-240 and a current flightline map. 

Bottom line from Airfield Management: do not take chances with your safety or the safety of those around you. Get trained and put your training to good practice. 

For more information about flightline driving, contact the Airfield Management office at 572-5411.