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12th Air Force Commander visits Holloman

Gen. Seip meets Col. Goldfein

Gen. Seip meets Col. Goldfein

HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- The stop to Holloman was Lt. Gen. Norman Seip's third stop on a three-base tour Aug. 16-17. 

The 12th Air Force commander had made visits to Dyess AFB, Texas, and Cannon AFB, N.M., prior to coming here. This visit was the first after the general took command in July. 

The general said the purpose of his visit was to meet the leadership of the base and to meet the Airmen who perform the mission everyday. He also wanted to learn the issues and challenges the base faces everyday. 

During his visit, the general ate dinner with the wing and vice commanders, the group commanders, Committee of 50 members and civic leaders from downtown. 

He also ate breakfast at the Shifting Sands Dining Facility with Colonel Goldfein and the chiefs, had a Commander's Call at the base theater and visited each group on base where he was briefed on what each one brings to the table in order to accomplish the mission at Holloman. 

During the Commander's Call, the general laid out his main focuses: to fly, fight and win the Global War on Terrorism; take care of the people and Airmen in the Air Force family and to accomplish the mission with the new and changes technologies. To do this, General Seip has many ideas in mind. 

"We will ensure sure our Airmen, from an Airman Basic up to group commanders, are ready to deploy at a moment's notice and are ready to execute when they reach their final destinations," General Seip said. 

To take care of the Airmen in the Air Force family, General Seip would like to continue to develop all Airmen to succeed in the Air Force and as citizens later in life. Given the leadership tools and training with military and personal education, Airmen can live up to their maximum potential, he said. 

In order to accomplish the mission, new equipment, such as the F-22A, needs to be prepared to be exploited to the maximum capability, the general said. 

"With the F-22 being a fifth-generation aircraft, it brings a huge implication of aerial warfare to Holloman," said General Seip. "With stealth, speed, persistence and precision, we have the technology and the human edge over any potential enemy." 

"Each of the folks I had an opportunity to meet were all outstanding in their own right," General Seip said. "They were very focused, all sharp with great military bearing, motivated and certainly excited about being a part of Team Holloman." 

General Seip left the afternoon of Aug. 17, on his way to Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., location of 12 AF headquarters.