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What is 0-0-1-3?

HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- The military is known for its various acronyms, but numeric acronyms are a little different. That all changed with the creation of a new program to combat excessive drinking -- "0-0-1-3."

Developed in 2004 to provide Airmen at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyo., with guidance on responsible drinking, the program is quickly moving to an Air Force-wide program. The program is based on research by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and the National Academy of Sciences. This research underlined the importance of setting an unambiguous standard. Even though people might not start following this standard, research shows, they will at least start counting their drinks and comparing their habits to the standard.

So what does 0-0-1-3 mean? The first 0 restates the law of zero underage drinking. The second 0 stands for zero arrests for driving under the influence, while the 1 indicates the number of acceptable drinks per hour and finally, the 3 is indicative of the maximum drinks per night.

The program was featured in an article in the Jan. 27, 2005, issue of USA Today, titled "Air Force abuzz over moderation" In the article, wing commander Col. Evan Hoapili (who helped set up the program) pointed out alcohol abuse is "a health crisis. And in the military, it is a readiness issue." He said alcohol "was a big problem" at F.E. Warren AFB -- as it is at many military bases -- when he assumed command in August 2003. He added that the program is not just an anti-DUI program, because alcohol abuse is a factor in many types of other problems, including public drunkenness, domestic violence, sexual assault and theft.

The "0-0-1-3" program isn't designed to replace the nationally recognized "Don't Drink and Drive" program it merely serves as a way for Airmen to remain responsible.

"Thus far in fiscal year 2006, the Air Force has had eight fatalities involving alcohol," said Staff Sgt James Musgrave, 49th Fight wing Ground Safety journeyman. "Here at Holloman we have had zero fatalities the last couple of years and must continue to be responsible and use good judgment."