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Category: Base Beat
  • Holloman holds annual Top Knife course

    Their eyes are fatigued. They’ve been fixated on the same screens for eight straight hours. The moment comes -- the time to strike. With the sensor operator locked onto his target, the pilot releases the hellfire missile to meet its fate. The target they’ve been watching for days is destroyed, taking enemies’ lives with it. The crew breathes a
  • January 2017 Load Comp

    The weapons load crews for the German Air Force Tornado, F-16 Fighting Falcon and MQ-9 Reaper competed against each other to load weapons the most efficiently and with the least amount of procedural errors.
  • 2014 BAH Increases

    The 2014 Basic Allowance for Housing rates for service members released Dec. 17, represent an average increase of 5 percent, or up to $75 to $80 per month, said Cheryl Anne Woehr Defense Department's BAH program manager.The new rates will take effect Jan. 1 at a cost of approximately $20 billion for the Defense Department program, which will affect