Teamwork makes it happen

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gabriel Avilla
  • 49th Communications Squadron
Since I joined Team Holloman last year, I've been recognizable from two different perspectives: in my current role as the commander of the 49th Communications Squadron and as "that CrossFit guy".

I feel very lucky to be in both of these positions, because I'm able to help people put their vision into action. On the work side, I am honored to work with the professional Airmen of the 49th CS, who are so technically proficient at what they do that they amaze me day-in and day-out. In an age in which technology is considered a critical domain not only in warfare but also in overall modern civilization, I am proud of the contributions our unit provides to the 49th Wing and all of Team Holloman.

On the fitness side, I also feel honored that athletes have trust in me as head coach of CrossFit Holloman to help them move toward meeting their individual fitness goals in a team environment. While making any personal improvement must start with the individual having the discipline both start and to stay the course, I personally advocate that working within a team environment in class will yield the greatest results.

Working out alone not only gets boring and lonely quickly, but it is fairly safe to say you are not pushing yourself as hard as you would if someone was watching you. Better yet, someone is next to you going through the same pain...but through it all you are motivating each other on to finish the workout.

This same thought process can be immediately translated to the work we accomplish here at Holloman. Some duty days can be longer than others, but sometimes you won't even notice it if you are surrounded by your teammates. The faster you work together, the faster you all will be able to finish the task at hand. You never know when it will be your turn to shoulder the heavy load either, so establishing the team mentality early will help you overcome the mental obstacles that arise (and they will).

From the personal interactions I've had leading CrossFit Holloman classes, I've been fortunate enough to meet and network with dozens of people from all sorts of backgrounds to help advance the goals of Team Holloman. I've met pilots, structures journeymen, spouses, group commanders, readiness officers, and logisticians, just to name a few.

As a benefit of these interactions, when I put my uniform on and went to work I've walked into planning meetings or tried to get a project moving and have used these same networks to get things done. Since I've already established a fitness relationship with the person in the gym, we can extend that relationship to our assigned duties and continue to work together to meet our mutual goals.

Teamwork is teamwork, whether you are turning a wrench on the flightline, cooking for the next shift at the dining facility, or running a warm-up mile. Working with others makes the time feel less like work and more like fun. So the next time you are faced with a daunting task at work, gather your best teammates around you and tackle the task head-on. The next time you are looking to improve your physical fitness, surround yourself with teammates who you know will push you safely beyond your limits and won't let you slack either.

The term "Team Holloman" isn't just a clever label; it serves as a truthful indicator that we will always achieve the greatest results as a team.