Culture of Compliance

  • Published
  • By Col. Andrew Croft
  • 49th Wing
The 49th Wing's 2013 combined unit inspection is now only five months away.

This is a good thing.

It's like throwing a party at your house. It forces you to clean and organize. This in turn makes your home life more enjoyable and effective.

The same concept applies to our inspection process. The CUI achieves two primary goals: it ensures our wing is prepared to execute all of our missions, and it identifies areas of improvement from the unit level all the way up to the Air Force level.

The term "culture of compliance" is used a lot. To me and our wing it means we are constantly doing preventative maintenance on all of our base-wide procedures. It does not mean we sprint just prior to an inspection to ensure items are fixed last minute. It means we start jogging now.

The same concept applies to the party you throw at your house. It's a lot easier to host if things are always clean and orderly. Obviously some preparation is still required. It just takes a lot less time and energy.

The inspection forces us to look at things that are not often visible. Much like that storage closet you've been meaning to organize. If we fail to ensure the basics are in order, sooner or later larger and more obvious problems occur. This same concept applies at home.

By doing things correctly and in a timely fashion, we prevent emergencies later on. Where is my passport? Is it current? Consistently paying attention to the details over time will prevent large amounts of wasted energy and frustration overcoming last-minute obstacles. It's a lot easier to do your ADLS training one at a time as they come due than doing ten at once just prior to deployment. I know from experience...

So think of the inspection as a house cleaning. Get rid of what you don't need (which means we identify what things we no longer need to do). Make sure the small things are in order to prevent larger emergencies (or mission failure in your unit). Ensure the right people are in place, with the right training and direction, with the right tools. These are the foundations upon which mission success is based.

Let's clean our house together for the next five months, and I will host the celebration!