TSR team here to help

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt. Curtis Gorshe
  • 49th Medical Operations Squadron
Today's Air Force is focused on developing resilient Airmen. To accomplish this, the Air Force has provided numerous resources to assist Airmen as they strengthen themselves mentally, physically and spiritually.

One resource available to help Airmen deal with potentially traumatic events is the Traumatic Stress Response team.

The TSR team is a group of professionals from the mental health flight, the Airman and Family Readiness Center, and the base chapel that helps prepare people for dealing with a traumatic event and coping after the event. Traumatic events may include an airplane crash, cleanup of a natural disaster site, death of a fellow service member or family member.

In most cases, stress-related symptoms are short term in duration. However, symptoms may persist, and help is available to prevent long-term negative impact on both the individual's mental well being and the unit's mission.

The team's primary goal is to foster resiliency in those who are, or may be exposed to traumatic events. The TSR team can provide a unit information and guidance on the grieving process, educate people on what symptoms are normal, and help Airmen regain some sense of normalcy in an abnormal situation. Its role is to perform psychological first aid, screening and referral for those exposed to traumatic events.

In addition, the TSR team advises commanders after a traumatic event happens through informing of the services the team provides to help those involved cope with what has occurred.

The team also provides pre-exposure preparation (PEP) training to help individuals and units prepare for potentially traumatic events. The TSR team is available to provide pre-exposure consultation to units and communities who expect to face trauma.

For more information on the TSR team here at Holloman AFB, contact the mental health flight at (575) 572-5676.