AFSA fights for you

  • Published
  • By By Roland Cooper
  • AFSA Chapter 1257 President
For 50 years now, the Air Force Sergeants Association has been the voice of the total Air Force enlisted force. Their mission is to speak out on behalf of all grades of Air Force active duty, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, retirees, veterans and family members.

The AFSA ensures the benefits you have earned are protected by advocating improved quality of life and economic fairness -- and you can help us fight for you by becoming a member.

I have never met a person who was not concerned about the amount of money they make, the health care costs they endure or their education benefits.

I mention these three issues specifically to bring home the point that the basic $25 membership enrollment covers two years for airmen basic through senior airman; first time enrollees; and one year for NCOs, officers, veterans, retirees and military dependents.

Along with representing you on these three big issues, AFSA also represents Air Force members on Capitol Hill regarding additional benefits:

- Freeze of any TRICARE premium costs
- Increased allowances and reduction of out-of-pocket expenses during permanent change of station moves, particularly for servicemembers
- Increased pay and allowances and benefits for lower grade enlisted members
- Approval of enlisted flyer incentive pay
- Approval of enlisted hazardous duty pay for specified job specialties
- Increased component health care
- Pay and compensation
- Quality of life benefits for reservists and their families
- Continued protection of military stores such as commissaries and exchanges
- Retirement pay protection
- Appropriation of Impact Aid for education of Air Force children in local school districts and with DODDS
- Transferability of educational benefits for active duty military family members
- Enhanced voting opportunities across the world
Additionally, you can receive discounts on plane tickets, car rentals, car insurance and even life insurance policies.

As for future items of interest, you may want to visit the Airman Memorial Foundation, which is maintained in the AFSA headquarters building located in Washington, D.C. This separate organization sponsors several major programs including the AMF Scholarship Program and the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Scholarship Program.

The museum was founded in 1988 and is dedicated to the heritage and accomplishments of the enlisted force. It is a public museum and admission is free.

The bottom line is this: With the rocky job markets, health care system and rising educational tuition, why not join the AFSA today to help us deliver that knockout punch that gives you and those you love one up on challenging times?

For more information about AFSA, the AMF, and its scholarship benefits, please contact us toll-free at 1-800-638-0594 or 301-899-3500 and on the Internet at

You can also attend your local Chapter 1257 Membership meetings the third Friday of each month at 3 p.m. in the Raptor's Nest Committee of 50 room, visit us on Facebook at AFSA Chapter 1257 or call me personally at 575-921-1815.

Help us help you!