Energy Awareness more than just month-long observance

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  • By Gary Krivokapich, Resource Efficiency Manager
  • Resource Efficiency Manager
Summer has come to a close and we are all looking forward to more tolerable temperatures in the coming weeks. Even better news: this means your power bill is likely to go down. But if you think you pay a lot for energy, imagine paying Holloman's bill of more than $500,000 each month!

October is Energy Awareness Month and since 1991, the Department of Energy has used this month to kick off its annual energy awareness campaign to promote efficient uses of energy. Energy Awareness is very important at Holloman. We recently held a base-wide energy awareness slogan contest for the observance. The contest, which began in September, was a joint effort between the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and the 49th Civil Engineer Squadron.

The slogan "Save that Power for Another Hour - Holloman AFB" was chosen out of a pool of 70 prospective slogans, and its creator John Tanis, 846 Test Squadron, was awarded a $50 gift certificate from AAFES for winning the contest.

The slogan will be used throughout the year to promote energy saving and conservation at Holloman.

Since the Air Force is the largest consumer of energy in the Department of Defense, it has the most potential for savings, not only in the area of aviation fuel but also in facility energy conservation.

Holloman has an objective to reduce energy intensity by a cumulative goal of 30 percent by 2015. However, from 2003 to now, energy intensity on base has actually increased by 3.3 percent, so we need to make significant changes in the way the base consumes energy in the future.

The energy team has many projects in the works, such as replacing inefficient boilers, ramp lighting, energy management system upgrades and upgrading lighting to energy efficient fixtures.

Each of us has an important part to play in conserving energy, so we need to make energy a consideration in all we do.

There are a number of easy ways to help conserve energy. Below are just a few examples:

· Maintain Space Temperature Standards
During the cooling season, thermostats should be set no lower than 76 degrees Fahrenheit, and during the heating season, no higher than 69 degrees F. You should also keep doors and windows closed when the heating or cooling is on.

· Lighting Opportunities
Turn off interior lights at the end of the work day or when they are not needed, and report any exterior lighting left on during daylight hours to Facility Maintenance at 572-3224.
Replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs will also cut down energy emissions.

· Appliances / Equipment
Turn off computer monitors, printers, scanners and other office equipment at the end of the work day. Desktop computers connected to the network must remain on for security updates. Use of personal appliances, such as coffee makers, refrigerators and microwaves should be minimized to the fullest extent and consolidated to break rooms only.
Purchase only Energy Star® rated products (appliances, equipment, etc.). Refer to the Energy Star® Web site for a list of qualified products.

For more energy saving ideas, view the Holloman Energy conservation tips factsheet at

If you have energy conservation questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the Base Resource
Efficiency Manager at 575-572-6643.