October is energy awareness month

  • Published
  • By Gary Krivokapich
  • Holloman Energy Department
Many of you may know October is Energy Awareness Month. This observance is set up to encourage energy conservation in both the work and home environments.

The Air Force's theme this year is "Energy solutions ... Fueling the Wing," highlighting the importance of energy to the Air Force mission -- to fly, fight and win.

Holloman has worked hard to implement energy saving practices, keeping this theme in mind.

Officials have implemented aggressive building audit goals, and we are proposing to spend over $8 million for energy reduction projects through 2015. The eight million dollars will save over $2.5 million per year.

The overall objective is to reduce energy intensity by three percent each year from 2005 through 2015, or 30 percent throughout the decade. After 2015, Holloman will be saving almost three million dollars per year from energy conservation.

Currently, we have reduced our energy use by 8 percent since 2005, saving more than half a million dollars per year. Considering the missions we have added at Holloman, we are off to a good start, but we need to step up our energy conservation efforts.

Energy Awareness Month is set up to create a cultural change in energy consumers. We encourage everyone to consider how their actions can either save or waste energy.

One method of encouraging people to alter their habits is money. Energy is money and Holloman spends on, an average, $18,000 per day on energy. With every light left on, window left open, or even computer monitor left on energy is wasted and, therefore, so is money.

Throughout the month of October, we ask everyone from the Holloman to commit to modify their actions to promote energy conservation. Oversee your utility bills and consider potential savings due to habit changes.

We can't meet our goals without your help. If you see an energy wasting situation or have an idea for an energy savings project, you can call contact the base energy department at 575-572-3931 and ask for Gary Krivokapich.