• Published
  • By Master Sgt. Allen Gilmore
  • 49th Security Forces Squadron
Here in the great southwest there are tons of opportunities to participate in outdoor activities. Some folks enjoy hiking while others might enjoy utilizing their privately owned firearms.

Having said this, the 49th Security Forces Squadron would like to take this opportunity to discuss the rules and regulations pertaining to the storage and transportation of POFs here. The specific guidelines that govern POFs can be found in Holloman AFB 31-102, Installation Physical Security Instruction, Attachment 16. Below are the basic requirements:

- All personnel assigned, attached or TDY to Holloman AFB (to include all military and civilian personnel) must register their POFs with the 49 SFS armory located in Bldg. 35 within 24 hours of being brought on the installation. This includes personnel who reside in base housing. Personnel who reside off the installation are not required to register their firearms with the armory. Housing residents are authorized to store their firearms and ammunition within their homes. To register your firearm, you will be required to complete an AF Form 1314, Firearms Registration. The form may be obtained from the following website: or from the 49 SFS armory at extension 572-3044. The owner will maintain the original copy of the form and a copy will be maintained in the 49 SFS armory.

- Personnel residing in lodging or the dormitories are not authorized to store firearms or ammunition within these areas. The firearms and ammunition must be stored off the installation or in the 49 SFS Armory. Under no circumstances will the firearm(s) and/or ammunition be stored in a privately owned vehicle on the installation.

- To sign your POF and ammunition out of the 49 SFS armory you will need your copy of the AF Form 1314 and AF Form 1297. POFs must be returned to SF armory within 72 hours after you're finished with their use. If a POF is to be signed out longer than 72 hours a letter from your unit commander or designee is required.

- When transporting firearms and ammunition on base, they must be located out of the reach of the vehicle operator and occupants, and separate from the ammunition. The firearm(s) must be locked in the trunk of the vehicle and/or in a locked case. If you are stopped at the gate for a vehicle inspection or stopped by a patrolman, please advise the SF Airman or installation entry controller that you have a firearm in your vehicle, the firearm is unloaded, the location of the firearm and the purpose you have the firearm in your vehicle, (i.e., transporting for recreational shooting, returning to armory or residence). POFs will not, under any circumstances, be brandished or used on the installation, except at authorized firing locations. The misuse of a POF on the installation may be cause for confiscation of the firearm(s) and could result in command action.

- Last but not least, we need to discuss concealed carry handgun permits. Federal military installations do not recognize state-issued concealed carry handgun permits. If you have a concealed carry handgun permit, you are required to transport/store your firearm in accordance with the above stated guidelines.

This is a lot of information; however, these rules are for the safety and security of base personnel and to prevent theft of POFs. We want all personnel to enjoy their POFs, but we also want to ensure it is done safely and within the regulations. If you require further information or have any questions feel free to contact Master Sgt. Allen Gilmore at 572-5754 or the 49 SFS armory at 572-3044.