Space-A travel restrictions lifted for dependents of deployed active, guard and reserve members

  • Published
  • By Mr. Joseph G. Amaro
  • 49th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Effective immediately, travel restrictions for dependents of deployed military members, including Guard and Reserve personnel, to travel Space-Available (Space-A) unaccompanied has been lifted. The following is an excerpt from a 6 Dec 2007 letter signed by our Deputy Under Secretary of Defense For Logistics and Material Readiness. QUOTE: "In recognition of the sustained efforts of the spouses and dependent children of our deployed military members, when the military member's deployment is for 120 consecutive days or more, spouses and dependent children are authorized to travel Space-A, unaccompanied in Category IV." UNQUOTE. Category IV is a partial listing of eligible individuals and their category of travel. Air Mobility Command (AMC)/air terminal personnel use categories to prioritize eligible passengers (based on duty status) to match passenger seat allocations. A complete listing of eligible passengers by category is contained in DoD 4515.13-R, Air Transportation Eligibility regulation.

The following are four basic rules/guidelines eligible dependents must follow when traveling Space-A under this latest authorization; which is only valid for the duration of the deployment period of the military member. Be sure to comply with other Space-A travel restrictions.

1. Space-A travel is authorized to/from CONUS and OCONUS locations, between CONUS locations, and within/between OCONUS theaters. All Space-A travel will be on a non-interference (non-reimbursable) basis. As a reminder, when traveling to other countries, be sure to comply with their passport and visa (if any) requirements as well as other entry requirements.

2. Eligible dependents may sign up for Space-A travel no earlier than 10 days prior to the member's deployment. Also, dependents can travel on first day of member's deployment but, must complete travels on last day of member's deployment when using Space-A.

3. Eligible dependents must present to air terminal personnel a *verification letter signed by the deployed member's Commander verifying the member's deployment. This verification letter must be in the dependents possession during Space-A travels.

4. Commander's shall ensure dependents are aware of the following: "Space-A travel is a privilege and not an entitlement. The military does not guarantee transportation to the final destination or return travel. In addition, the military is not responsible for providing lodging, ground transportation, meals or other incidentals incurred if AMC flights are delayed, diverted, or canceled."

For more information on Space-A travels, contact the 49th Logistics Readiness Squadron Air Terminal Operations element at 572-3206. Further information is also available thru the HAFB intranet website at http://holloman-web. Click on the "Holloman Links" button then, click on the Space-A link. *To assist our Space-A travelers, a sample verification letter will be posted on this website for your use. Safe travels...