Motorcycle riding…do you know your risks?

  • Published
  • By By Mr. Dan Salinas
  • 49th Fighter Wing safety office
Riders are responsible to protect themselves from things known to be dangerous.

But what about the adrenaline rush you get when you roll on the throttle after the apex, the rear tire starts that predictable slide and you feel the front tire reaching for the sky? The fact you wheelie'd farther than your riding buddies garnishes you bragging rights for the week. The new scuffs in the knee pucks only move you farther up the ladder. The freedom that comes with riding makes all of the hazards you face on the bike worth the cost. But what about the other guy?

You know your abilities. You attended the Beginner Rider Course after the purchase of your new 600 and you know all there is to know about riding. You've spent several weekends learning the finer points of riding from your friends. Your new riding gear just came in the mail and you're ready to go break them in. But what about the environment?

What is an acceptable level of risk for you? Is riding a wheelie down White Sands Boulevard acceptable behavior? What about pressing hard on Dead Mans turn on Highway 244? How about you and a friend splitting cars at triple digit speeds on the way back to the base? Not only are the above activities illegal, they're just not smart.

Changes in the road conditions, drivers doing the unexpected and the erratic dog are just a few of the hazards you face every time you ride. Where do you draw the line?

Individuals need to ride responsibly. Supervisors need to know what their subordinates are doing and if they are doing it safely. Jumping out of perfectly good airplanes while skydiving has its risks, so does riding a motorcycle. If you act responsibly doing whatever it is you do, you'll be back at work tomorrow and able to ride the next ride.

For additional information on motorcycle classes please contact the wing safety office at 572-3793.