Brig. Gen. Murphy visits 49th MDG

  • Published
  • By Capt. Praneet Boparai
  • 49th Medical Support Squadron
Brig. Gen. (Dr.) Sean Murphy, command surgeon at the Air Combat Command, and Chief Master Sgt. Michael Wood, ACC chief of medical enlisted force, toured Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, April 7-8, 2015 to see how the 49th Medical Group  supports the training mission here.

Gen. Murphy and Chief Wood met with the medics at the 49th MDG to understand their day- to-day operations and roles in supporting the ACC and Air Force Medical Service mission.

Gen. Murphy discussed the AFMS strategic plan with the group and briefly explained where we are heading. He discussed key issues such as patient safety, mentorship and service member retention. Gen. Murphy also focused heavily on building a system of trust. He echoed the AFMS mantra, "trusted care anywhere," stating how we need to trust each other and deliver the best care for the best value to our patients ... If there is no trust, we don't have anything. He also shared stories and examples to show the importance of giving people chances and never giving up. "Ask yourself and ask people what makes them happy. Find your happiness, because if you are not happy then you won't be able to give your 100 percent," said Murphy.

The ACC command surgeon honed in on the value and importance of High Reliability Organizations (HRO), emphasizing lean principles, Six Sigma, and building a culture of safety. An HRO provides high quality, safe and effective healthcare for every patient, every time. He asked everyone to think "lean," seeking out waste and getting rid of errors. He asked the audience to be proactive, not reactive, and have the confidence and courage to do the right thing. He acknowledged the manning challenges AF-wide and said, "We are going to have to figure out how to do less with less, but we have to ensure that you communicate the manning shortage impact to the leadership and explain how it's impacting your job. The magic doesn't happen at AFMOA or ACC, it happens here and you make it happen."

While addressing the large group of Airmen, Gen. Murphy stated, "Text a little less and talk a little more," highlighting the fact that we don't always communicate well, and we ought to do better. He said, "Treat others how they like to be treated; that will make us strong as a unit, and as a family." During the all-call, Gen. Murphy also discussed his 7-Cs:  Civility, Confidence, Communication, Creativity, Collegial/Collaborative, Candor and Courage. He encouraged everyone to be innovative and creative and have the hunger to fix things.  

"Gen. Murphy did a great job emphasizing the value of the professional and personal life balance. He also actively engaged in discussions about prioritizing values, the importance of building relationships, and maximizing potential within all ranks" said Capt. Tammy Shy, TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration Flight Commander from the 49th Medical Support Squadron.

After a tour of the base that included RPA operations and gaining insight into our processes, the command surgeon was impressed with the dedication and achievements of the mighty medics of the    49th MDG. He rewarded some of the achievements of the medics by awarding them the ACC Real Pro Award.  He departed the group with the message, "We are one team, one fight, and we are all in this together. Take care of each other and build a culture of trust and courage."