Community College of the Air Force graduation

Holloman honors newest CCAF graduates

(Courtesy photo)


134 Airmen graduated from the Community College of the Air Force, during a ceremony at Club Holloman, Oct. 25, here.

The CCAF is a federally-chartered academic institution that serves the Air Force’s enlisted force. The CCAF is the world’s largest community college system, and awards over 22,000 associate in applied science degrees annually.

The mission of the CCAF is to offer associates degrees and other academic credentials to enhance mission readiness, contribute to recruiting, assist in retention and support the career transitions and professional growth of the enlisted corps. You can learn more about the CCAF from their official website https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/Barnes/CCAF/ or from the 49th Force Support Squadron’s education center by calling 572-3971.

Congratulations graduates:

Staff Sgt. Randi Alcala

Staff Sgt. Roberto Alferi

Staff Sgt. Robert Arends

Tech. Sgt. Corrin Baker

Senior Airman Michael Bermingham

Senior Airman Marcos Bernazer

Tech. Sgt. Robert Billena

Staff Sgt. Victor Blake

Senior Airman Diego Bonaventura

Master Sgt. Kanecia Bonner

Staff Sgt. Clement Bouloiseau

Senior Airman Mick Bowie

Senior Airman Freeman Brown

Staff Sgt. Christopher Buffoni

Tech Sgt. Jake Burch

Staff Sgt. Julian Calip

Senior Airman Joseph Capps

Senior Airman Natalie Carachuri

Staff Sgt. Michael Carico

Tech Sgt. Dustin Carr

Master Sgt. Shane Carrasco

Master Sgt. Richard Carreon

Staff Sgt. Bryce Chilcote

Staff Sgt. Matthew Clayton

Tech Sgt. William Clouse

Staff Sgt. James Cook

Staff Sgt. Courtney Corral

Master Sgt. Erica Council

Staff Sgt. Austin Cullen

Staff Sgt. Misty Dail

Tech Sgt. Travis Deramous

Staff Sgt. Carlos Diaz

Airman Basic Shaunte Dixon

Staff Sgt. Scott Donovan

Staff Sgt. Mireya Doromal

Staff Sgt. Storm Doromal

Staff Sgt. Pierre Dover

Staff Sgt. Joshua Fias

Senior Airman Kaitlyn Flack

Staff Sgt. Cheyenne Gibson

Staff Sgt. Joseph Gilbert

Senior Airman Johnathan Gliniak

Staff Sgt. Desmond Gray

Staff Sgt. Nichole Groth

Staff Sgt. Devon Guillory

Senior Airman Ryan Gurrieri

Senior Airman Haley Handlang

Tech Sgt. Ryan Hare

Tech Sgt. Keith Hassel

Master Sgt. Avalee Hawkins

Master Sgt. Willie Hayes

Staff Sgt. Christopher Henderson

Tech Sgt. Corneilius Holloway

Senior Airman Anthony Imperial

Senior Master Sgt. Adam Jacobs

Tech Sgt. Jason Jaindl

Senior Airman Kiana Jennings

Master Sgt. Joshua Jobe

Staff Sgt. Joseph Johnson

Master Sgt. Yvonne Johnson

Tech Sgt. Leon Jones

Tech Sgt. Paul Keller

Staff Sgt. Emily Killingbeck

Tech Sgt. Samuel Kulchar

Staff Sgt. Phillip Lapoint

Master Sgt. Timothy Larson

Senior Airman James Law

Staff Sgt. Kevin Lawson

Staff Sgt. Jaekwang Lee

Airman 1st Class Leslie Lenoir

Staff Sgt. Matthew Leonard

Senior Airman Ashtin Lewis

Master Sgt. Lucas Long

Tech Sgt. Andrew Lukondi

Senior Airman John Ly

Tech Sgt. Matthew Macejewski

Staff Sgt. Hudson Marecek

Senior Airman Ryan McGinley

Staff Sgt. Victor Mendoza

Airman 1st Class Sabastian Mensah

Senior Airman Leslie Mikelz

Master Sgt. James Ming

Master Sgt. Kathy Miravalles

Staff Sgt. Kendra Montgomery

Tech Sgt. Justin Moore

Senior Airman Kyarra Moore

Senior Airman Travis Morales

Staff Sgt. Courtney Murphy

Staff Sgt. Shakiyla Nash

Staff Sgt. Justin Nicholas

Tech Sgt. Eric Nolan

Staff Sgt. Hannah Oliver

Tech Sgt. Eric O’Neill

Staff Sgt. Colin Owens

Tech Sgt. Nicholas Parrish

Senior Airman Tyler Peterson

Staff Sgt. Emily Pratte

Senior Airman Harley Prochnow

Staff Sgt. Briana Ramos

Staff Sgt. Jacob Rankin

Staff Sgt. Adam Rifas

Senior Airman Christopher Rivers

Staff Sgt. Ross Rodrique

Staff Sgt. Bennie Satterfield

Staff Sgt. Kristin Shimahara

Staff Sgt. Zachary Shives

Airman 1st Class Austin Sievert

Tech Sgt. Austin Silerio

Master Sgt. Christopher Sinclair

Senior Airman Melody Sirl

Senior Airman Darion Smith

Master Sgt. Jason Smith

Senior Airman Alison Sowka

Airman 1st Class Noah Spaulding

Master Sgt. Robert Spence

Senior Airman Andrew Stabbert

Tech Sgt. Jordan Stewart

Staff Sgt. Heather Stinson

Tech Sgt. Jerriott Sutton

Staff Sgt. Karen Tiesing

Tech Sgt. Janine Trammel

Senior Airman Taylor Vanlandingham

Tech Sgt. James Vargas

Master Sgt. April Walker

Master Sgt. Steve Walker

Airman 1st Class Jeffrey Walsh

Staff Sgt. Brandon Watson

Staff Sgt. Isaac Watson

Staff Sgt. William Watson

Tech Sgt. Bradley Williams

Tech Sgt. Michael Wilson

Master Sgt. Kevin Yerke

Senior Airman Merideth Young

Tech Sgt. Justin Yungvirt