Holloman AFB launches diversity and inclusion initiative

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Angela Ikeda
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs

The 49th Wing created a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force in an effort to achieve long-term impact by enhancing Holloman’s unity, inclusion and common strength of purpose.

The task force consists of approximately 25 Airmen from across the base, volunteering to meet objectives of cultivating an environment of respect and inclusivity.

“The power behind Team Holloman is the cohesion and diversity of our Airmen,” said Col. Ryan Keeney, 49th Wing commander. “The intent of our D&I team is to help create an understanding of what makes us all unique, and how our diversity gives strength to our mission and the defense of our nation.”

To address different aspects of D&I, the task force has three committees focused on the objectives of the task force.

“We have Airmen with diverse backgrounds and career fields on the task force,” said Lt. Col. Belinda Cole, 49th Healthcare Operations Squadron commander and D&I Task Force lead. “We want to consider all perspectives to ensure all Airmen are included.”

Each committee is developing initiatives to address challenges, and to connect Airmen and families from diverse backgrounds.

“Now that I’ve volunteered to be a part of the task force, I will continue to be part of the voice advocating for diversity – diversity of thought, experiences, and backgrounds,” said Master Sgt. James Stinson, 9th and 29th Attack Squadron first sergeant and D&I Task Force volunteer. “This is important to me because as a young Airman I was always encouraged to support initiatives like these where we can create a better environment for all Airmen. It’s imperative that I tie my boots and get into the field.”

The task force will facilitate an open panel discussion, Honesty Hour!, Nov. 13.

For more information about the Holloman D&I Task Force you can visit the Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/HollomanAFBDiversityandInclusion.

 For any questions or inquiries email 49WG.HollomanDiversity.TaskForce@us.af.mil