Airman Leadership School class 21-1

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Christine Groening
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs
Forty-eight Airmen graduated from Holloman’s Airman Leadership School, Nov. 5, during a ceremony at Heritage Park, here.

ALS is a six-week professional development course designed to prepare new staff sergeants and senior airmen for supervisory duties. This training is required before members can fulfill the role of frontline supervisors. ALS topics covered topics including leadership, followership, communication skills and the profession of arms.

ALS is the first of three in-residence courses required for Airmen, and all graduates are awarded the Noncommissioned Officer Development Ribbon. The other in-residence courses include the NCO Academy, which is completed upon making the rank of technical sergeant, and the Senior NCO Academy, which is completed upon entering the SNCO tier.

Congrats to ALS Class 21-1:

Senior Airman Zachary F. Stricklett, 9th Attack Squadron
Senior Airman Gruyeah N. Kpahn, 29th Attack Squadron
Staff Sgt. Austin H. Rudder, 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
Senior Airman Lucas J. Brooking, 49th AMXS
Senior Airman Timothy J. Muir, 49th AMXS
Staff Sgt. Christian T. Ostby, 49th AMXS
Senior Airman Colton V. Tustin, 49th AMXS
Senior Airman Aubree M. Wells, 49th AMXS
Senior Airman Dion M. Nelson, 49th Civil Engineer Squadron
Senior Airman Alex T. Greenawalt, 49th CES
Senior Airman Dylan M. Pohl, 49th CES
Senior Airman Brenda M. Cichos, 49th CES
Senior Airman Travis Allen Hancock, 49th Equipment Maintenance Squadron
Senior Airman Ian A. Mitchell, 49th EMS
Senior Airman Anthony R. Pennington, 49th EMS
Staff Sgt. Brandon M. Mckeown, 49th EMS
Senior Airman Hannah N. Bradley, 49th Force Support Squadron
Senior Airman Alexander D. Coutant, 49th Logistics Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Ryan M. Nyars, 49th LRS
Staff Sgt. Adam J. Speciale, 49th LRS
Senior Airman Ayla J. Squires, 49th LRS
Senior Airman Jacob P. Edwards, 49th LRS
Senior Airman Ula C. Ledoux, 49th LRS
Senior Airman Quentin L. Gonzalez, 49th Maintenance Group
Senior Airman William J. Rowan, 49th Maintenance Squadron
Senior Airman Juanita S. Black, 49th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron
Senior Airman Daniel E. Rich, 49th Operations Support Squadron
Senior Airman Jezica K. Plasencia, 49th Security Forces Squadron
Senior Airman Riley T. Konopka, 49th SFS
Senior Airman Alec O. Carson, 49th SFS
Senior Airman John A. Morales, 49th SFS
Senior Airman Justin M. Harper, 49th SFS
Senior Airman Josiah B. Currington, 49th AMXS
Senior Airman Derrick M. Mccrady, 49th EMS
Senior Airman Destany M. Mesa , 49th MXG
Staff Sgt. Anthony J. Montero, 54th OSS
Senior Airman Jayton Juan A. Camacho, 54th OSS
Senior Airman Ricardo Villalobos, 6th ATKS
Senior Airman Gabriel G. Gorman, 635th Materiel Maintenance Squadron
Senior Airman Anthony J. Christopherson, 635th MMSS
Senior Airman Juston P. Gardner, 635th MMSS
Staff Sgt. Tracy T. Turner, 635th MMSS
Senior Airman Hunter C. Smith, 849th AMXS
Senior Airman James R. Squyres, 849th AMXS
Senior Airman Zachary M. Woodbury, 849th AMXS
Senior Airman Carlos A. Sotelo, 849th AMXS
Senior Airman Vincent Ling Chen, 849th AMXS
Senior Airman Noel Covarrubias, 849th AMXS