Airman Leadership School class 21-4

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Kristin Weathersby
  • 49th Wing

Forty-seven Airmen graduated from Holloman’s Airman Leadership School, Mar. 25, during a ceremony at Heritage Park, here.


ALS is a six-week professional development course designed to prepare new staff sergeants and senior airmen for supervisory duties. This training is required before members can fulfill the role of frontline supervisor. ALS covered topics including leadership, followership, communication skills and the profession of arms.


ALS is the first of three in-residence courses required for Airmen, and all graduates are awarded the Noncommissioned Officer Development Ribbon. The other in-residence courses include the NCO Academy, which is completed upon making the rank of technical sergeant and the Senior NCO Academy, which is completed upon entering the SNCO tier.


Congrats to ALS Class 21-4:


Senior Airman Brendan R. Maher 315th Fighter Squadron

Senior Airman Jon J. Youngbluth 315 FS

Senior Airman Edward P. Ives 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Staff Sgt. Ryan D. Meili 49th AMXS

Senior Airman Lucas S. Jesuit 49th AMXS

Senior Airman Terry L. Brassart 49th AMXS

Senior Airman Christopher Cruz  49th Civil Engineer Squadron

Staff Sgt. Wesley Andrew Deveau 49th CES

Senior Airman Roland A. Kupoluyi 49th CES

Senior Airman Christopher Gonzalez 49th CES

Senior Airman Antonio Rivera 49th CES

Senior Airman Thelma C. Bradshaw 49th Component Maintenance Squadron

Senior Airman Shawndae E. Wilkins 49th Contracting Squadron

Senior Airman Alison K. Sowka 49th CONS

Senior Airman Layne C. Parlor 49th Communications Squadron

Senior Airman Ernest Kennedy Iii 49th CS

Senior Airman Jonathan R. Steinert 49th Equipment Maintenance Squadron

Senior Airman Michael T. Batchelor Iii 49th EMS

Staff Sgt. Jake E. Akerley 49th EMS

Senior Airman Christian R. Zwahlen 49th EMS

Senior Airman Roxanne J. Stott 49th EMS

Senior Airman Zachary C. Thompson 49th EMS

Senior Airman Kalle T. Hougaard 49th EMS

Senior Airman Nicholas R. Bruscup 49th EMS

Senior Airman Travis K. Owens 49th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Senior Airman Billy D. Rochier 49th LRS

Senior Airman Cameron W. Huff 49th LRS

Senior Airman Ryan M. Lal 49th LRS

Staff Sgt. Kayla M. Smiley 49thth Maintenance Group

Senior Airman Arthur J. Carter Jr. 49th Security Forces Squadron

Senior Airman Ashley N. Evans 49th SFS

Senior Airman James W. Rowan 49th SFS

Senior Airman Adam M. Sullivan 49th SFS

Senior Airman David J. Ebling Jr. 49th SFS

Staff Sgt. Robert N. Padgett 635th Materiel Maintenance Squadron

Senior Airman Cassandra A. Jankowski 635th MMSS

Staff Sgt. Eric F. Deaton 635th MMSS

Senior Airman Jacob A. Beckham 7th Air Support Operations Squadron

Senior Airman Gilvanne Renz R. Legaspi 849th AMXS

Senior Airman Nathanael I Powers 849th AMXS

Senior Airman Owen M. Wettengel 849th AMXS

Senior Airman Hunter A. Moore 849th AMXS

Senior Airman Jacquon D. Nicholson 9th Attack Squadron

Staff Sgt. Moshe S. Lee      Det 3 3rd Weather Squadron

Staff Sgt. Timothy G. Batia-Gore Det 3 Security Forces Squadron Center

Senior Airman Collin B. Ward Det 3 SFS CE