Holloman hosts Clergy Day

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Jessica Sanchez-Chen
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs

The 49th Wing Chaplain Corps welcomed local clergy members on base during the annual Clergy Day, Nov. 4, 2021, here.

Clergy Day is an annual event the Holloman AFB Chaplain Corps hosts to forge rapport and relationships with local clergy members of all faith backgrounds who support the service members, civilian employees and their families on base.

“The purpose is to show the local clergy appreciation for what they do as our civilian clergy collaborators since our Airmen (and Guardians) seek them out for Pastoral Care,” said Capt. Charles Ugo, Chaplain assigned to the 49th Wing. “As well as for them to get first-hand information from Airmen (and Guardians) in their work environment as well as hear them speak about the support they have received.”

According to Ugo, the job of a Chaplain is to support service members, and their families, of all faiths regardless of their Religious Endorsement. Meaning, if a person requests a religious ritual from a Chaplain that does not share the same denomination or faith tradition, the Chaplain can put the person in touch with the civilian religious leader in their faith.

“I am so thankful the local clergy were able to come out and visit us, because we need their partnership--we need the help,” said Lt. Col. Bradley Kimble, 49th Wing Chaplain. “But we also need to understand each other so that we can help one another make sure that the Airmen (and Guardians) get the help they need.”

During the visit, the local clergy were given a tour around a 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron MQ-9 Reaper hangar and were able to see an MQ-9 simulator at the 16th Training Squadron.

“We wanted the visitors to get a taste of what capabilities we gave here on base as well as see our Airmen (and Guardians) in action,” said Ugo. “It was an opportunity for the visitors to speak with the Airmen (and Guardians) directly and get an idea of their success stories as well as the challenges they face after engaging in such missions.”

The 49th Wing supports events like Clergy Day because it helps build stronger connections with the outside community, and ensures Holloman community members get the help they need.