Air Force Assistance Fund Campaign Kicks Off

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Nicholas Paczkowski
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs
The season of giving is not among us but Holloman personnel have the opportunity to support their wingmen and their families through the 2022 Air Force Assistance Fund. The campaign will run from March 7 to April 27.
The AFAF mission is to raise funds for four charities that provide support to Air Force personnel in need whether it be active-duty, U.S. Air National Guard, U.S. Air Force Reserves, retired, dependents or surviving spouses. 
The four charities include the Air Force Aid Society, Air Force Enlisted Village, Air Force Villages Charitable Foundations and the LeMay Foundation. Each of the charities that the AFAF supports helps to improve and enhance the quality of life here at Holloman. 
“The Air Force Assistance Fund is important as it gives back to those in our team Holloman community who need it the most,” said Col. Ryan Keeney, 49th Wing commander. “Think of the fund as a safety net for Airmen, Guardians and families.”
Last year, the AFAS gave back more than $130,000 to Holloman personnel which helped with things like vehicle payments, medical, dental, basic living payments and loans and grants. 
In order for Holloman to give back more to its community, each organization will need to meet its goal for donations.
"The primary purpose of the campaign is for us to work with each organization and mission partners from the 49th Wing, to get individuals from their units to go out and find people that are eligible to donate," said Senior Master Sgt. Brock Atchley, the AFAF Installation Project Officer.
This year's goal is to raise $57,395 compared to last year's $54,792. 

Donating to the AFAF is easier than ever, you can make a contribution in one of three ways, online at and clicking DONATE NOW; you can also text AFAF to 50155 or talk to your squadron's AFAF representative to set up a payroll deduction.