Spark Cell program comes to Holloman

  • Published
  • By Amn. Isaiah Pedrazzini
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs

The 49th Wing is bringing the Spark Cell program to Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, with the goal of searching for bright minds to shape the future.


Spark Cell is a base-level innovation network sponsored by AFWERX, the innovation arm of the Air Force, that creates a unique opportunity for both operational experts and regular Airmen to share ideas and problem solve.


“Our job is to make them see it like we see it,” stated Maj. Marcus Anthony, 49th Wing Spark Cell director. “I think that's really one of the important aspects of connecting with someone outside of your organization.”


 An active Spark Cell program on base will introduce an environment that works towards simplifying and improving time consuming-tasks.


“We encourage Airmen in the field to look at problems from different perspectives and up-channel bold new ideas that can improve their work center or the Air Force as a whole,” stated Master Sgt. William Wallace, 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron weapons section chief. “The Spark Cell uses resources from around the Air Force to help make those ideas a reality.”


The Spark Cell program not only helps with solving problems around the installation, but gives Airmen the opportunity to display their ideas in Spark Tank events. The event is hosted by AFWERX, which gives Airmen the ability to pitch their ideas, with the best ideas receiving additional funding and resources.


“You potentially win resources and support at the Air Force level for your idea,” stated Anthony. “There could always be other people that are looking for that specific thing.”


To submit an idea or learn more about the Spark Cell, call (575)-572-1727.