Holloman recognizes dedicated crew chiefs

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Antonio Salfran
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs

Twenty-nine maintainers from the 8th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron were officially recognized as Dedicated Crew Chiefs in a ceremony, Jan. 3, 2023.

The title of Dedicated Crew Chief is reserved for those who display the initiative, management, and leadership ability necessary to maintain an aircraft in combat ready status.

The DCC’s technical knowledge is above reproach and the resource most counted upon to ensure a fighter wing’s combat readiness.

“Every maintainer here is responsible for providing safe, reliable, and on-time maintenance,” said Lt. Col. Thomas Clark, 849th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron commander. “And dedicated crew chiefs lead the charge on making sure these standards are met.”

Congratulations to this year's Dedicated Crew Chiefs:

8th AMU Crew Chiefs

Staff Sgt. Connor Parsons

Staff Sgt. Brandon Maldonado

Senior Airman Alwayne Mitchell

Senior Airman Thomas Quinn

Staff Sgt. Aaron Rodriguez-Vasquez

Senior Airman D’andre Daniels

Staff Sgt. Cody Hinton

Staff Sgt. Ashton Carter

Staff Sgt. Lonnie Jessie

Staff Sgt. Holden Godwin

Senior Airman Anthony Gutierrez

Staff Sgt. Isaac Anderson

Staff Sgt. Timothy Case

Staff Sgt. Trent Dale

Senior Airman Dennis Thomas

Staff Sgt. Fil Tarry Llorente-Niebres

Staff Sgt. Shabaya Canada-Bannerman-Richter

Staff Sgt. Scott Kapellas

Senior Airman Samuel Althoff

Staff Sgt. Wyatt Hegner

Staff Sgt. Parrish Burchett

Senior Airman Alexis Veneble

Staff Sgt. Alec Allen

Senior Airman Brandon Hettinger

Senior Airman Damian Lopez

Staff Sgt. Luke Ertl

Staff Sgt. Lonnie Jessie

Staff Sgt. Sebastian Moss

Senior Airman Linh Mai