2014 BAH Increases

The 2014 Basic Allowance for Housing rates for service members released Dec. 17.

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HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- The 2014 Basic Allowance for Housing rates for service members released Dec. 17, represent an average increase of 5 percent, or up to $75 to $80 per month, said Cheryl Anne Woehr Defense Department's BAH program manager.

The new rates will take effect Jan. 1 at a cost of approximately $20 billion for the Defense Department program, which will affect nearly 1 million service members, Woehr said. The allowance differs by pay grade, location and whether or not service members have dependents.

When members of Team Holloman were asked how the increase of BAH will affect them and their families, opinions varied throughout the ranks.

Senior Airman Michael Adams, 49th Comptroller Squadron financial technician, shared his thoughts on the increase.

"I feel it's helpful and beneficial to me and fellow Airmen, especially with dependents, because things are financially challenging these days."

Other members share this enthusiasm, as word spreads across the Air Force.

"I'm thrilled! Who doesn't like some extra money in this economy," said Staff Sgt. Warren Spearman, 49th Wing Public Affairs broadcaster.

Not just the enlisted force, but also the officer corps share their excitement and give feedback on what impacts the change will bring for them.

"It's always nice when a little more money is available on the individual level, but it will be interesting to see a meta-analysis on what the impacts will be on housing rates and what effect there may be to non-military residents in those communities," said 2nd Lt. Enoch Stohry, 49th Wing chief of protocol.

BAH rates are routinely reviewed and are adjusted each year to account for fluctuations in rent, utilities and renter's insurance in a given location, said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen, a Pentagon spokesman.

"BAH is designed to assist service members assigned to permanent duty stations within the United States with acquiring housing comparable to civilians in the same income range at that location," he added.

With the upcoming force reductions affecting Air Force members worldwide, airmen as well as officers appreciate the small things like a simple increase in BAH to help keep a positive moral during the upcoming troubling times.

For more information on changes to your BAH please follow the link provided.