USAFA cadets learn the ropes at Holloman

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Aaron Montoya
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs
Two weeks isn't much time to experience everything the Air Force can offer. Cadets from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Co., visited Holloman Air Force Base, N.M., from June 25 to July 11, to gain insight on the possible career paths that await them after they commission as USAF officers.

"The Operations Air Force Program allows the academy cadets to sample a good cross-section of what active duty Air Force life is like and helps them make decisions about what career fields they would be interested in when they leave the academy," said 2nd Lt. Patrick Newton, 746th Test Squadron Operations Air Force Program liaison.

In this program, cadets in their third year at the academy visit an Air Force base to expose them to the AF way of life. During their two weeks at Holloman, the cadets visited various squadrons to get hands-on experience with the jobs performed therein. A couple of the most notable experiences from this trip were their visit to see the 49th Security Forces Squadron Military Working Dogs and the 16th Training Squadron Remotely Piloted Aircraft simulators.

During the visit to see the 49th Security Forces Squadron Military Working Dogs, the cadets volunteered to be tased by a stun gun, security forces personnel also endure this training, which entails a five second shock that administers 50,000 volts is the standard procedure. The cadets were nervous yet eager to experience the taser for the first, and hopefully last, time.

"You have this predisposition that it's so terrible, and then you get tased and it's actually that terrible," said Britney Petrina, USAFA cadet.

Overall, the cadets enjoyed the program and the experience gained from participating.

"It's great, because it allows me to see all of the careers available and to experience life outside of the academy," said Luke Welch, USAFA cadet.