Dorm managers keep Airmen moving in the right direction

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Colin Cates
  • 49th Wing Public Affairs
Air Force dormitories can be a flurry of activity, which can be challenging from a managerial standpoint. The simultaneous process of Airmen moving in and out, maintenance of the buildings, and paperwork processing must be well managed to keep it flowing without incident.

The dorm managers at Holloman AFB are tasked with ensuring their Airmen have a seamless transition from the day they set foot in their dorms.

The alternate duty location position is one of the special duty assignments, which come into play for the dorm manager to mentor and display leadership to their Airmen, so the Airmen have a place to go in addition to their direct supervisors to ask questions, said Master Sgt. Raymond Warman, ADL superintendent.

The challenge begins with incoming Airmen and ends with the much anticipated day they move in to their own housing arrangements.

Aside from processing their paperwork, the dorm managers must answer one important question: To which of our nine dormitories will this Airman be assigned?

A big concern is striving for squadron integrity in the dormitories, said Marianne Jackson, the superintendent of the dorm managers. Essentially each squadron will have its own building with the exception of the smaller squadrons with very few dorm residents.

Once the Airmen are placed, the focus moves to maintenance.

Exterior checks of the building are done weekly to identify burned out lights, water leaks or any hazard, Jackson said. Beyond that the dorm managers are responsible for appliances such as washers, dryers, ice machines, as well as furniture.

Once an Airman reaches senior airman, one of the most involved aspects of the dorm manager's job begins -- out processing the Airman and getting him/her ready to live on their own.

"When (senior airmen) hit their three-year mark and they become eligible to move out, the first step is to come see us," Jackson said. "We'll verify that they are in fact senior airmen, we verify their date of rank date of enlistment, and provide them with documents they need to take to their first sergeant and commander for approval."

After the documents are signed, they are brought back to the dorm managers and a time is scheduled for a final inspection of the vacated dorm room, said Jackson.

Lastly, they are sent to housing referral for briefings about off -base housing, or are sent to the appropriate on base housing personnel for information to aid their decision.

The duties of a dorm manager are cyclical. Keeping incoming and outgoing Airmen going in the right direction while maintaining the Airmen who live in the dorms is no easy task, but the dorm managers at Holloman AFB maintain that they will be there to answer any questions an Airman may have during this process.

"The most important message to get out is if you have questions about the dormitories, the best place to start is in the dormitories," said Jackson.

For more information contact Marianne Jackson at 575 572-3295